Alan Young aka "Unca"Scrooge McDuck passes away at 96


Fuck 2016 :sad:


Damn, this one hurts. RIP.

Bless His Bagpipes.



Fuck 2016.




“Reverse HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Crash

“If you don’t stop crashing, I’m going to give you the heave ho!”


boo hoo fuck 2016 generic dumbass wah wah muh childhood post


Fuck this racist sterotype bashing sumbitch.


“Lawnchpad! Look wut yoo’ve dun to these anchient rrrroooins.”

“Just think Mr. McD. It coulda been worse. It could have been something new!”



Shut your beak Glomgold.


Yeah see I knew posts like this where coming. Is it humanly possible anymore in this world period for people to at -least- respect others when they pass? I get it. Some weren’t a fan or whatever the reason. But at least respect the person or person by not posting at all or at least saying something respectful. Also yeah I get that people troll, bait or whatever the reason too. Even if I don’t like someone I will at least not disrespect that person when they die. And at least a little common sense here.

Alan Young meant something to me ever since I was a child around 30 years. Not just Uncle Scrooge but yes I actually watched Mr. Ed as a kid on Nick At Nite too. Yes I cried a lot when I found out. That’s how you know that person meant a whole lot to you. One of the reasons why people like this mean so much to people like me is because what they do helps others. Helps you get through problems throughout your life by entertaining you on t.v. or whatever it is. I -still- have poloroids from around late 80’s showing a pack of ducktales stickers from that old panni? sticker album. And other photos. I still have some of my Ducktales vhs as well. People like this person you feel like you would do everything within your power to help them. Because they’ve helped so much already.


NOOOOOOO! A lot of co-workers heard of the news. Hopefully they’ll brings back for a brief time Scrooge as a character in the park again. Missed my chance years ago.

Full Ver and because I feel like it…one hour of the Moon stage from the Remastered game:

Yeah I’m going to play the video game again…


Not gonna lie…this really hurts. Scrooge was seriously a huge part of my childhood. Loved Ducktales, etc. RIP


He was so Young :frowning:


He seemed to live a good life. 96 isn’t a bad age to go. R.I.P.


He had a beast career, RIP to one of the greats!



But, may you live on through the masterpieces you made throughout your career and through your relatives.


Ah those were the days.

“Wait wait wait, don’t tell me. A rug beater.”

“uh uh, egg beater.”

“Hmmmmmm…back back YOU FOIL EGGS BACK!!!”

hits the switch


gets flung away into the library


Fuck Disney and Capcom for not making DuckTales 2: Remastered before he died!


Put me in the big house! The dog house! Even a house of pancakes! Anywhere but the lamp!!!


Man, this suuuuuuuuucks! I was just thinking about DuckTales the other day and then this has to happen. Alan Young helped show me that old folks could be BAMFs. Scrooge McDuck was the coolest old mofo around and had it not been for DuckTales and his amazing voice talent, I would not have gotten into the Carl Barks comics.


“Where are we?”

“It’s the lamp, sorry about the smell. you get used to it after a couple hundred years.”


“Do you have to yell at me all the time!?”

“Thanks to you, I now have a crazed animal on my tail.”