Albany, NY: Still Alive but on the Facebook Grind

Been forever since ive posted on here. We are still alive and thriving on our Facebook Group but pretty lacking on keeping it updated on SRK.
Still have players for pretty much everything but alot of us are back to the SF4 grind. We also seem to have a huge smash following now.

We currently meet Thursdays around 7pm at:
Pastime Legends
73 4th st Troy, NY 12180

FB group:

Oh man been a while since I signed in. Going to bump this thread though. Would be funny if the Albany page becomes more active though.

Hey! Im usually in the troy area most of the time, do you guys mind newer/still bad players?

Not at all. All are welcome!

Amazing to hear! ill be back in the troy area around the 25th so i should show up the next meet up after that!


Yo, it’s Dan from fight night. I still want that SFV DL Code, 60$. I’m trying to get my RAPe stick back from Darwin.

Ok. Ill have it for a bit dont worry.

our weeklies