Albany, NY UMvC3 Community?

I’m getting really sick of playing laggy ass matches online and playing arcade on very hard which is absolutely nothing like what you would experience fighting a human, so I was wondering if there was anybody out there that plays UMvC3 at like a sort of “place.” You know, like, a place to play this game with other humans…? IS there anyone in Albany or SUNY Albany or Saint Rose or any of the other local colleges that play this game?!

I know you guys are out there… Let us unite!

Or not.

Hey! Check this thread out: Albany, NY - We get the cops called for mashing so hard!

There are a few of us who are in the area that play! We meet up (typically on thursdays) at this Chinese food place called “china work”. It’s across the street from hudson valley community college if you know where that is. If not, here’s the addy: 75 Vandenburgh Ave # 3, Troy, NY (518) 272-2477.

We might change locations pretty soon though, we might start holding sessions at a video game store called “past time legends” in troy soon (address unknown to me right now).

Post in that other thread, and show up to our next session!