Albany, NY - We get the cops called for mashing so hard!


Figured i’d help you guys out :slight_smile:

I’ll be home for 2 weeks in christsmas, but my schedule is gonna be packed as hell. Hope to do at least 3-4 sessions while I’m back.


I am a ken user and i want to ask a question about mashing
Albany, NY UMvC3 Community?

So… Were using this thread now?


i guess so. Lol soooo orlando is so free you making the albany thread lol

crap give me those dates cuase ill be home from the 24th-3rd. Would be great to get a few games in.


nice an albany thread

are we playing tekken 6 at keiths today?


I wont be around. Driving home to the city after work


i am going to be planning my flight in the next week, but I’ll be home for 13 days I think. Gonna freeze my ass off and I’m not looking forward to that part of it X_X


Im probably not gonna be around for games this weekend.


A new dude posted on the TZ thread for albany.



I sent out the virtua stick to get some work done… and I’m waiting for my SE to come in… So I’m playing tekken NYC style…

And I think I’m better for the most part. Scary.


Haha, I redirected him here. As we do most of our posting here. Besides I like the theme here better :bgrin:

What you getting done to the Virtua Stick? New wiring? New PCB? Don’t lose the pink buttons, they’re secksy =P


Ya pinks are kool. I kinda want those pearls though mad hot.


Yo someone selling a sanwa flash but for beast money. 200 shipped.


dual modded and new PCB. :smiley:


I’d pay up to $150, but the problem is I don’t have the money to invest in it plus the money for someone to properly wire one of those up. It’s a nice and precise stick none the less.

I’d rather just buy a full stick for $150+ haha.


So yea, I was redirected here.


Welcome redirected from where? TZ ?


Yeah, that’s the place.


Pop by on Wednesday night for some games!


Probably won’t be able to this Wednesday, but I will keep it in mind. BTW, what time? I consider night around 8-9, but if this is going on at 6 or so then I’d miss a good few hours.


The starting times is usually around 630 to 7 normally. Most of us dont show up till then. And we play till closing so you have plenty of time.


Cool maybe we can eventually get you hooked up with Eddie since you both live in Schenectady and he doesn’t know how to get here.