Alberta Beatdown 2 (06/25/2011 - Edmonton, Alberta)

Alberta Beatdown (06/25/2011 - Edmonton, Alberta)
PS3/Ps2 Pad players do not worry about controller issue’s we will have ps2/ps3 to xbox converters ready for you to use for this event.

Alberta Beatdown (06/25/2011 - Edmonton, Alberta)


Hosted by

Edmonton Gamers

Alberta Beat Down (06/25/2011 - Edmonton, Alberta)

Date: Saturday June 25th 2011. Venue Opens at 2:00 PM

Location: The Ramada is Located @ 11834 Kingsway Northwest Edmonton AB
Edmonton, AB Off Kingsway near city center airport

The Tournament will be taking place in the “Ridgewood” Room which is located on the second floor. To get to the Ridgewood you have to take the elevator which is visible from the Main Entrance.

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Sponsored prizes

OverKlocked: Will be giving away 4 Fightsticks during the event
Canadian Joysticks: 8 Samitus push buttons. two $25.00 Gift certificates for Canadian
Anime Alberta: 5 Nintendo Plushes.
Edmonton Gamers: $200.00 Starting Pot for Smash Bros Brawl. Three Mortal Kombat Key Chains, One Mortal Kombat Arcade Stick.
OverKlocked and Edmonton Gamers will also be providing other prizes to be given away during both events

Venue Fee: $5

Game Entry for Super Street Fighter IV AE: Singles: $10.00
Game Entry for Super Street Fighter IV AE: Teams: $30.00 per team (Or $10.00 per person) (Teams of 3)

Game Entry for Mortal Kombat: Singles $10.00
Game Entry for Mortal Kombat: Teams $20.00 per team (Or $10.00 per person) (Teams of 2)

Game Entry for Marvel vs Capcom 3: Singles $10.00
Game Entry for Marvel vs Capcom 3: Teams $30.00 per team (Or $10.00 per person) (Teams of 3)

Game Entry for Smash Bros Brawl: Singles $10.00
Game Entry for Smash Bros Brawl: Teams $20.00 per team (Or $10.00 per person) (Teams of 2)

Game Entry for Blazblue CS 2: Singles $10.00
Game Entry for Blazblue CS 2: Teams $20.00 per team (Or $10.00 per person) (Teams of 2)

Game Entry for Tekken Singles: $10.00 (Or $10.00 per person)
OFFICIAL TOURNAMENTS: Super Street fighter IV AE. Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tekken 6. Super Smash bro’s Brawl



Going down June 25th, Saturday, 2011


General Tournament Format and Rules

Rules for Brawl Can be found here

Rules for other non-Capcom games will follow tournament standards set throughout the continent.

Team tournament rules

  • Each team is made up of two or more players (depending on game)
  • A team cannot have two of the same character
  • Players must stick with their characters throughout the tournament
  • In a match, player 1 from Team A plays player 1 from Team B. Then player 2 from Team A plays player 2 from Team B etc. If one team wins both games, the match is over. If players from different teams win, then the winners of each of the previous two games play, and the winner of that game wins the match.

Basically best of 1 match with 2/3 rounds

I will most definitely be there!
Gonna bring some good, new and greatly improved marvel skills. watch out fellas ;D

Anyone up for the mvc2 side tournament?

I’m in. This will be one of the biggest tournaments I’ll join, so excited. :smiley:

Hey I think we need a 3rd for teams D=

For sure not dean since he* doesn’t play anymore*

is there going to be a calgary vs edmonton mvc3 thingie?

I’m asking around right now. MAI come to the tournament… I need a team for marvel 3 vs 3 tournament!

I dunno there’s a lot of stuff I don’t know about the game yet so I think a full tourney would be frustrating for me especially with all of the waiting around; I’d rather just session with you guys till I get better. The team 5v5 sounds fun though if I can get a spot and it wouldn’t last too long which is another bonus.


I will definately make plans for this, most likely since this will be as close to home as a tournament’s gonna be for me :slight_smile:

Hope I can transition to a stick well though…if we’re playing AE and all.

Still gonna be there tho!! :smiley:

EDIT: BTW i think your missing the tournament start times for the MK9 Singles/Team Tourneys

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in E-town, maybe I’ll take advantage of the oppurtunity and show up.

Hey Ric, we should do some training in Street Fighter. I don’t know anyone in my area who plays Fei Long at all… I may require some training.

Are there any other gamer girls even going to come to this? I kinda feel like the lone girl gamer when it comes to street fighter here. =(

You are the loan girl lol, hey if it makes you feel any better im the lone guy from Sask…loners are awesome!!!

Oh and yeah Ill help you out, sorry I havn’t been on as much just super busy but whenever you see me online shoot me a invite and we’ll doing some training.

There are a few (something like 4 others) but most of them are casual gamers. Probably not likely to come to a tournament.

I’m a girl gamer who’s going to this tournament >.> so yay I’m not alone woot

I’m not much of a sf player since mvc3 came out XD but I am practicing both >.<

r u hot

no unfortunately :confused:

See red now you wont feel so alone, oh hey pink maybe you can join us in our training seasons online and level up with us?

Does this come across as incredibly creepy or is it just me…

it isn’t just you lol,

I’ll try and make it out, need to start playing again tho b/c i suck!!

ill be coming up with jamie, falken and anna. looking forward to it shiro