aLee vs jswey tag battle : Vote

our theme was super smash brothers brawl. please vote for the tag you like best, and state why you liked it. ty



umm i vote jswey.
i dont like either of then at all, there’s nothing good about them so i cant really say “why i liked it”. but you guys are learning i assume.
the reason i vote jswey over alee is because his has a small hint of depth and the stock looks a bit softer.
they both are really bad though… :frowning:

(im deff. not being a jerk, i was once at that state when i made tags kinda like that. just practice up and take as much advice as you can. im willing to help out as much as possiable if you guys have any questions just hit me up, i can throw you some pointers. :tup: )

its been two years since i touched ps so just gotta re-learn things. thnx for being honest lol

i probably go with the metaknight, for the count of the signitures that were in them. i couldnt choose on the looks because they both kinda look like they both speak the same body language to me.

:wonder: Honestly, they both look like they were made by the same person so, :looney: I would probably call this one a draw but, just as TestuAKA has already stated, jswey has slightly more depth to it. I vote for [COLOR=“Cyan”]jswey but just by a hair. Rematch… dood?[/COLOR]

^sounds good to me

Tech brushes, and LOTS of em. =/

GOOD LORD too many tech brushes. I’ll vote for jswey for more depth.