aLee vs. Tat Guy:vote

Same thing say way… .one good reason. . .first to ummmmmmmmmm. . .let’s do 6. . .different. . .

tat guy… lol

Was that a good lol. . .or an oh my god what the fuck did you do to that family of 4? lol

it was a “lol tat guys blows his out of the water by wayyy to much”

nothing agiasnt you agian alee!! you know why i stated, you just need practice.


i vote for tat guy; elena looks beautiful in this one. i like the blending.

alee, it’s not that it’s terrible, but tat guy really did his thing.

[COLOR=“Yellow”]alee for me. It’s simple & clean, has a nice font, the border & background go well with eachother and you can easily see that the theme is fire and ice much like Gill. It’s would look nicer, IMO, if there wasn’t as much empty space and :wasted: brush effect overkill but I like it better than the other.

Tat guy’s is just too blurry and uncontrolled for my taste and the theme is :confused: floating face & clouds? All I see is a head and an arm surrounded by those exact same blurry clouds effect which is always used… dood.[/COLOR]

I vote tat guy, his elena looks real cool, but aLees looks nice but too simple.

Since there are no names next to the pics, I’ll just say that I prefer the Elena one. It has better color contrast and more details. I’m not an Elena fan, but that just looks smoother.

Elena…is probably one of your betters one

non-default brushes being used = no.

Tat Guy.

well that’s six. . . .good shit sir. . …

gj tat, i def. want a rematch soon.