aLee's and [ :: PsYcHoCl0wN's :: ] **request thread**

Basically we agreed to work together so we can help each other and speed up the process. Obviously if you guys don’t know the rules by now, just don’t post for a request. Our other request threads are still up, but post here for it being more conveniant. Post away! :clap:

Omega X



Tf Zero


Invincible Swordsman

phewwwww…i’m tired…

Cool, thanks.

Nice work aLee… well im ready for anything… request away you SRK’ers … lol

Thank you so much ^^

hey ya’ll don’t mind if i request again?
if not(i hope), can you make me a cool Onslaught avatar?
don’t know where to get the sprite though:confused:.

Yup I sure will hook you up Sin… I think I have a sprite… :smiley:

Edit: Here ya go man… I hope your as pleased with this one as you were with the last one… :smiley:

Nice work! That new dizzy av. of yours is SeXay!!

p.s. [opinion] Marilyn Manson is garbage.[opinion]
Chuck>>>>Marilyn all day!!!

Its kewl man… not everybody understands Manson… but eh… thanks for the compliment…

Yeah, I meant no hard feelings. Your a fan of metal so you :rock: in my book. Theres way better singers/song writers then him, though. But enough spamming. Keep on making those SeXay avs!!! :clap: :wow: :tup:

  • 1 for you and alee. :pleased:
    edit: n/m I whored myself too much for one day.

wow psycho that onslaught avy is freakin top tier… wow… :wow:

fucking kicking man, thanks you so much, man:tup:.

can i get something similar to the one i have…but with 3s chun li…animated also…

any goya food product will do…beans, coffee, corned beef, hotsauce, whatever it doesnt really matter.

Thanks dude :tup:
good looking out. If I ever have the power to help you I will.

Yeah, Onslaught is my favorite X-Men character…and that AV is soooo freaking awesome. :tup:

Could u make me an av with these 3 pic but use (C U Space Cowboy) as the s/n with the cammy pic use just cammy not chun-li


Hey, I’d like an av with my favorite fan man Anji(with the link to the pic provided). Pretty much my only requests are to keep the av like a dark red/black color, and have my name gleam. Arigatou.

woops edit!

U think u can hook me up with a Jin avatar with this pic?

and put this chibi on it too if u can.

Thanks if u can man.

Much respect Mr Lee. :china:

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

I appreciate it.