Alex - a less optioned makoto?

i’d like to compare and contrast these 2 characters

from what i see, alex and makoto have their differences, but is alex just a slower makoto?

i like alex’s SA2, and play style, it always fitted me. a lot of offense with some defense involved but would alex players be better off with makoto?

and plz no answers like “you’re a scrub” or anything i want people to think deep into this one, because i see way more makoto stuns than alex, makoto draining life bar a lil faster, and all that.

other than normals being different, what are the pros and cons of both characters versatility wise?

I actually know what you’re talking about…and I’m inclined to agree with you. I’ve actually said it before, that Alex is just Makoto-lite…or Makoto is Alex on steroids, or some shit like that.

Alex isn’t exactly a “slower” Makoto, per se…different pace, maybe, but Alex can play at the same rate as Makoto can.

What differences do you see?


Alex-Makoto with a slower dash? Alex-Smaller Hugo? Alex-Remy without a projectile?

Pros: Hurts. Has DDT.
Cons: Mediocre super selection.

Pros: Stupid fast dash.
Cons: Has no DDT.

I hope this has been enlightening.


i guess i should start up on makoto then lol.

some things i like about alex is the stun bar, headbutt (b+hp) and his pokes.

are makoto’s pokes better than alex’s? i like f+hp, f+mp,, they dont have as much priority but they have a good reach for block strings. what does makoto have to mirror or have more? her would act like alex f+hp etc.

and if all this is true…why do alex players (like ksk and zangoef, top ones) been loyal to alex and havent switched over to makoto?

Well in Japan there’s more incentive to play everyone since the scene is more concentrated and they get more time to freelance and experiment with the game. Allowing people to be more willing to stick to “lesser” characters to understand matchups and bring variety to the game. Makoto is a really good character but she’s probably even more random than Alex is. Her c.MK doesn’t even hit low and her sweep is c.HP randomly and all kinds of other weird stuff.

Alex is a bit more straightforward and in 3rd Strike if you know your matchups you can win with anyone. Picking an off used character can be an advantage just because it forces the opponent into situations that they normally dont have to deal with when they are using other characters. Alex may not have a clear advantage vs. a lot of characters but he still has tactics and advantages that he can utilize that other characters cant. Combined with a smart gameplay you can make things work with him.

i see…good answer.

I think makoto’s pokes would match up just fine to alex’s… and makoto can also follow up on a lot of them (using SAI). and all day!

alex’s is beasty, he must have bought that shit on eBay. and power bomb does a shit ton of stun c.c; not to mention stun gun head but is single handedly the best super in the game YAR!


Alex and makoto play very differently imo.

I dont really see how they can be the same except for some command grabs and maybe some pokes.

They’re both guess-heavy characters who can stun quickly and don’t do well on defense but do great on offense. I thought this was a pretty common idea?

well I really couldnt see because I thought alex’s moves were way more safe to do and has longer pokes different mixups slower then makoto doesn’t really need better wakeups especially

unless im missing alot about makoto 0_o

I think you are, makoto’s ex-moves are really good and super safe… except a whiffed fukiage i guess ;p

normal wise, i guess alex could be considered better than makoto, but you don’t actually use normals too much as a makoto, so idk. Makoto’s wake up game is better imo, and I’d say her supers may be better than alex’s.

well i learned that makoto’s offense is subsituted with alex’s defense.

reversal SA2, EX dp kick (dunno the name), and wake up stomp give alex more of a wakeup game for himself. whereas makoto has nothing.

but then again makoto’s offense is a lot better too, giving up the defense for it.

in all i like alex more still, just because hes not as risky and isnt vulnerable after guessing (as much as makoto).

not only that, Alex is also ALOT easier to play.

Makoto has nothing? The fuck are you talking about? Think critically about what she can do against someone on wakeup, and you’ll see it’s much scarier than what Alex can throw out.

on makoto’s own wakeup? all i know is. jump (for meaty throws) then EX tsurugi. and a wake up EX fukiage for jumpers. share info plz :slight_smile: i wanna know if makoto has better options. SA1 isnt a bad option, and SA2 is good for throwers. any else?

You’re freaking crazy, Alex is one of the hardest character to play, his game style is only pure mind game, so unless you can read mind alex is really tough character to play.

And why japanese players are playing with alex, maybe beacause they love the character. If you want to play with an effective character pick yun not makoto or alex.

On Makoto’s wake up you can do a backdash if you’re not in the corner. Otherwise even EX fukiage isn’t a good option because it will not hit everybody on a jump attempt. EX tsurugi isn’t that bad.

But in the corner you have no solution just block and pray.

Uhm…Alex isn’t one of the hardest characters to play as. Maybe to be effective at high level, yes, but his style is kinda, uhm, braindead simple . Mixup, go for stun, high damage, etc. Nowhere near as complicated as Genei-Jin setups or launcher combos/mixups with Ibuki.

What? Wakeup SAII into 100% (or near 100%) stun combo is the scariest thing in 3S. She may not have many options, but she does happen to have the best one in the game.