Alex Arcade Future Tournaments and You (SF4, ST, CvS2, A2, MvC2)

I am unsure as to where this thread should be going but hopefully this is the appropriate place to put it.

To start off, I’d like to introduce myself…
My name is Duy Nguyen (if it ain’t too obvious already) and I run the SF4 tournaments at Alex’s Arcade (check our thread for info). So far the only tournaments I’ve been running at this arcade have only been SF4, but I would love to run more than just that. I want to make the fighting game scene bigger around the area and help boost the level of play for the players that are already part of it.

Here are the games that we have at the arcades other than SF4:
1x CvS2
1x Alpha 2
1x ST
1x 3s
3x MvC2

I think with a little help, I can manage running 2-3 games a day. The only thing I need is a for sure headcount as to who is down for which game. Like I would love to run ST but I am unsure as to how many people would show up and etc.

So if you still love those said games and you would wish to compete in tournaments if there is one, do drop a post. List the games that you are interested in so I can see what’s up. Please list the games that you really are interested in and spread the word of this to others.

I’ll try and get some pics and info on the parts of the machine. Alex Arcade locals if you guys know the exact parts and whatnot drop me a post or a PM so I can edit this post.

Thank you.

You forgot about Third Strike on the title of the thread.

I’d be down for Super Turbo and Third Strike, although I don’t know how to play either of them.

so you gonna run it duey…?

Yo we got 2 3S cabs! I’m down for ST, A2, 3s, CvS2

Yea, might ask some help from people but I’ll try to mostly do all the work.

I’m willing to support any and all tourneys at this establishment.

ST, 3s, and A2. go go go

Killer Instinct and Blitz tournies.

OH, and Bust-A-Move tournies also. (Semi-serious about this one :razz:)

fix the sticks on a2
didnt try out 3s
but cvs2 and ST were good to go

dont know how to play em? this is exactly why you SHOULD play them at alex’s aka cameron’s. most of the people dont know how to play anything. so if you start, the playing field will be level.

duy, i’d be willing to play/run cvs2.


agreed. 1P fierce doesn’t come out when you’re holding certain directions. sticks on 3s are HORRIBLE ><

So the other thread is dead?

I would like to see some KOF turneys that game looks koo to play…

I see lot of people play that game in other small stores around santa ana to that maybe they dont know about the arcade…

Maybe we should all give some small amount of money in order to buy a projector or a TV cuz its hard to look at the SF4 matches when there is lots of people in the way. We should do like a Turney and all the money should go for that.

I like this place and im willing to help out in order to make it fun n exciting!!

I agree with that on the stick! Needs sanwa stick n buttons!!! :slight_smile: then it’s cool

I want power stone!!!

I’d join a KI tourney.






and ill help you run it if you need it duy!

feb. 13th mvc2 tourney alex’s arcade
626 s. harbor blvd.
santa ana ca. 92704
standard tournamet ruies… $10 bucks to enter
start about 2 p.m.

later on more details… if any questions hit me up or xbox live me too:)