Alex, Defensive or Offensive?

How should an alex generally be played?

I play him offensive. He has really good stun potential, you should use it to your advantage and not let up. Mix-up on opponent wakeup and corner the sucker.

thanks bro, umm whats alex’s best meaty attack against opponents on wake-up?

It really depends you know
It would something really stupid if you play rushdown against chun li

you gotta be careful
on wake up, all you can do is try to mix up
since thats alex main game

tick throwing is good

i forgot what tick throwing is lol, isnt it something like lk/lp —> throw/powerbomb/DDT?

Oh and what do you mean by mix-up? you mean mixing high & low attacks to confuse your opponent right? or is there more to it?

Thanks for the help bro.

You pretty much got it. Tick throw is hitting your opponent to put him into block/hitstun, and going to throw/powerbomb him just as he gets out of the stun. This way he has much less time to react to the throw attempt.

And yeah, mix-up generally means to keep your opponent guessing, dont let him know what you’re planning next. Actually a post with more mixups on wakeup would be appriciated cause I tend to just go for the powerbomb or upclose mk, I need to vary more.

I keep using his HCB+LP and throw and also use his Elbow dash

Standing MK and parry MP > EX rising knee are your best friends.

Yeah, you gotta play Alex offensively. Too much potential for stun and mix ups on wake up to not wanna play him offensively. Alex can’t really take advantage of playing defensively like Chun Li or Remy can.

Well yeah, but Itll be really stupid to be offensive agains chun or dudley

I say alex is both deffensive and offensive, depends on the matchup

Alex is a “momentum” character, which means that, when you turtle, you turtle hard, but once you take advantage of an opening, you rush shit down. It’s really fucking hard to stay on a Chun, Dudley, Oro, Elena, Akuma, or Ryu (and Ken, but Ryu hits harder), so you have strategically back off sometimes if you want to win.

Alex’s best Meaty is Standing Fierce. I swear the hit box stays open like 20 full frames. Crazy

Holla. I’ve had that trade with shoryukens a lot too. I’ve never seen standing close medium kick trade, so… well… that could mean it’s stuffing or that it’s not as good. Either way, I usually stick with that because it’s less telegraphed and you can do ex flash afterwards. Still… standing hard punch is an overhead with great damage, stun, and priority.

What was this thread about again?

Basically what Prime said. Once you knock them down, RTSD, bait and mix it up.

yup yup …


dash , meaty-jab , opponent parried that attack , CANCEL THAT SHIT INTO HYPERBOMB !!


What is RTSD style ?

RTSD means “Rush That Shit Down”.