Alex flash chop trade



Im sorry if i put this in the wrong place, but i dont really use forums that much. But i found this and i found it to be really intresting and i hope somebody can do something intresting with my discovery. :slight_smile:


thereโ€™s a general thread, tech thread and combo thread where this can belong. A lot of people have discovered this already to boot. Not nagging at you at all, just answering your question about where this should be. But yeah, this is some really cool trade tech for Alex and itโ€™s fun to do vs. characters without 3f jabs ;p


Okei thanks man, i have an account here for the longest of times, but never really used it, except for once. Oh, so this does not work against a 3f jab? Intresting, did not know that lol. Man i thought i found something really special here haha. :smiley: Hope this topic will get moved to where it belongs then. :slight_smile:


cr.lp x l.chop trades with 3f normals


you can also do l.chop -> l.chop?


What, on hit?