Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread



Same. I figured they fired the third party team that was working on what we saw last year, or there was some other kind of internal dispute, and they didn’t want to redo the work.

On a related note… I quit SFV… but I guess I’m back for one last try!


I’m more excited about the Juri one lmao


The Juri one really highlights how terrible her default is. I hope the Alex one still has the alt version with the coat that they originally showed… Meanwhile the wait goes on for Sim and Fang players!


Hope the coat makes it look less bad, his nostalgia outfit just looks bad to me


Certainly doesn’t look like it took a year to make.


I don’t think it looks bad. I was just expecting the bomber jacket with it. It looks ok, I’m just hoping it has colors I like.


How do we feel about ABIGAIL?


There is no hope


I think his design is ridiculous, in a kind of fun Fist of the North Star/ Mad Max kinda way. And he looks like he’ll be interesting to play, don’t know if I’m gonna pick him up as a legit secondary but I’m definitely looking forward to trying him out.


He looks like Alex’s retarded tag team partner.
I swear if he gets a mask of any kind, I’m calling the The Shockmaster for all time.


Suddenly default costume Ed is looking pretty good.


Tools-wise Abi doesn’t seem like a naturally tough match up for Alex at least.

I am expecting a lot of recovery on Abi’s armored moves and the parry, so I expect Alex will be able to stock Hard Hit and really punish whiffs, like facing a bad Gief.


New tech by coolkid93!!!

Looks like we get a free vskill counter setup after cc sweep! Niiiiice!


There must be a reason why ex headbutt is so random…



you’re speaking my language


You’re in luck


Bored, mostly. Id rather had for a Final Fight player one of those nameless punks that a Hugo pixel mod used as a boss.


I’d rather have Cody.


Surely they wouldn’t use a Z-list Final Fight character and not eventually have Cody in the game?..