Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread



Every time someone types the word Cody I die a little more inside.


Yeah Cody, Guy, or Maki would have been cool. But at the same time I’m glad they gave a bit more personality to a really flat Final Fight boss. And his alternate costumes fix the some of the gripes I have with his design so I can fuck with it.


@Froztey We can cry prison tears together


Abigail might look like a mushmouthed loser by default, but those alts save it.

Also, yeah I miss Cody bruh. We’re getting Zeku, so that’s neat I guess. Also, the abigail reveal basically confirmed the Super SFV leak, which in turn basically confirms Q at some unspecified point.


Honestly, I’m probably going to pick up Zeku as an alt when he drops.

And assuming Abi doesn’t end up being WAY better than Alex, I might just stick with Alex as a main.


Abigail has AA jab. He’s way better than Alex.




This trade should be able to work against a lot of moves. I can’t test. Don’t have game.

Vtrig HK or lariat

Guile-booms, vtrig
Nash-boom, fp, sommersault
Akuma-demon flip (maybe u get aerial CC?)
Mika-vtrig, dropkick
Boxer-rush, taps
Vega-annoying backwards claw move
Dic-forward hp, fb
Urien-aegis, fb, charged normals
Cam-dive kick (aerial CC)
Sim-divekick, flame
Fang-poison, coward crouch


Found this. If he clotheslined early, maybe it could of traded with log, possibly allowing a full jump combo.


This tech hinges of being both reactable and the projectile being slow enough. Juri, Laura and possibly Nash’s heavy boom follow that criteria

You will not HK any shoto fireball on reaction because they move too fast.

Not to mention shit like FANG’s coward crouch which will make any HK attempt whiff or any Dhalsims yoga flame which will never happen in neutral.


Abi’s AA jab is just as bad as Sim’s or Gief, I swear.



Well this matchup just got more fun


Am I the only one that is taking advantage of Abigail’s slow walk speed to charge v-skill a ton in this matchup? I use the new Cool Kid crush counter sweep set-up on Abigail more than any other character


I use V-Skill every time the opponent dashes backwards a few times which happens every 10 seconds I don’t know where you’ve been but I’ve been on this train a while.


Pulling off clutch wins with Alex is such a rush… feels good man.

To bad i lose 80% of the time with him.


So Abigail is just another bad matchup?


I think Abigail is a pretty even matchup so far, maybe even favorable.

His defense is just a tiny bit better because his EX run has frame one armor (while our EX Elbow continues to…not).
I find that if you keep it cool and play patiently Abigail finds himself with the same problem we have. He’s too slow and has nothing threatening about him from mid range, and like us is forced to take risks in order to start his offense. Whiff punishing him is much easier than with other opponents for obvious reasons.

His major turnarounds are his parry and armored run. I feel that getting overzealous with our pokes such as HK or even Cr.MP can be seen by them and they will respond with these as a counter. Jumping towards Abigail is not a good idea as his jab is very serviceable, however the Flying Cross Chop is very effective at throwing them off so that they consider guarding the jump in from then on. His most powerful tool I feel is his somersault flip that’s + on block and leaves you guessing between Command Grab or Cr.LK into Abigail Punch. Stand Jab is the way to go when answering to this pressure, much like with Akuma’s command normal just don’t let it happen.

His sweep is faster than expected and has a long range. It clips our Elbows very well, and can lead to a terrifying punish (CC Sweep Hit 1 Cancel allows them to fully charge HP), but his sweep along with all of his Abigail Punches can be punished with Cr.HP, and I feel this is the biggest part of why the matchup may be in our favor, combined with our ability to use HK.Knee afterwards. Non-Meter Knee, you may not have known because it hardly ever comes into play as it has no invincibility, has extremely good oki potential when it lands. Being able to do it on Abigail at any location in the stage is a powerful tool. You are close enough to do a lot more than you normally would with EX Knee, such as St.MP tick into command grab.

Some tricks I picked up that might not be relevant later:
-In response to wakeup EX run, VTrigger after Lariat and do Hyper Bomb. Nobody has been able to throw out a move before my Hyper Bomb so far. It gets us hefty unscaled damage on the Lariat for our trouble.
-Parry his charged HP. So many people are sleeping on it and think we can’t contest it at it’s max range. If you don’t have Parry use EX Knee to avoid the conflict and get away. They shouldn’t be able to punish your getaway.
-The dude is freaking tall, you can instant overhead him very very easily.


Good observations. I just want to add one thing: it seems ex run only has armor from frame 3, like our ex elbow.
This matchup seems really favorable to Alex, especially because of the usefulness of crHP. Most of Abigails whiffs are -10 (or more), which allows us to respond freely with crHP. That, plus the added benefit of being able to follow it up with normal hk knee just gives us A LOT MORE mixup potential than any other matchups. Alex is also capable of countering things from afar (because we have range), where other characters basically can only watch. So yeah, I think Alex is probably one of the worst matchups for Abigail. Just like Birdie is for Alex…