Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread




To clarify on this Abigail’s EX Run in V-Trigger has Frame 1 Armor. So he will have this wakeup option when active.


Hi, guys. After a lifetime using Ryu, Capcom is trying very hard for me to drop him, so I thought “why not give Alex a try, now that he has his proper costume back?”

Any tips, tutorials or advice you care to share?


Turn back now. This is in some ways a worse lot in life than you previously knew.


Tip: Be prepared for a life of heartbreak and strife. You will ask yourself “why?” many, many times. The HYPE will keep you going but Alex…wew. If you aren’t ready to scream at CAPCOM for no reason on a regular basis this might not be for you. Perhaps a tasty glass of Necalli? That’s where I go when Alex has me down.


And yet here is Alex with no wakeup option are AA that covers the top of his head. *sigh


Lol, okay! I will try him anyways.

Regarding Necalli, I have zero interest in him being in the game. His move set is okay, but his design, ugh. Cringy.

I will main Alex and Ryu. And maybe Juri, while I’m at it.


A quick and not all encompassing breakdown of things I can currently think of: (I’ll try to be positive when I can)
-No invincible reversal options besides Super. EX Knee Smash is not invincible until frame 3. Parry does not become active until frame 2. EX Elbow’s Armor does not come out until frame 3. Your V-Reversal is very slow and easy to react to. Be mindful that Alex has one of the worst defensive traits in the game.

-All your special moves except for LK.Elbow and EX.Stomp are unsafe on block unless properly spaced and the spacing is very strict on the higher strengths of Elbow. You can’t autopilot into specials like other characters can, but for once our slow nature makes it easier to react to a confirmed hit.

-We have a very underwhelming pressure game. All command throws will reset the match to essentially neutral. Go for St.HK or LK.Elbow afterwards for Grey/Chip. Dashing in after a command grab will be heavily unsafe; it only works when the opponent is extremely scared and is not ready to mash a light on reaction, do not go for this often.

-Getting in is hard. Unless your opponent jumps and you successfully create a turnaround moment or does something unsafe you will have a tough time given you are so slow. EX Knee will be one of the easiest ways to get in.

-However, you will start noticing everybody and their mother will jump midscreen fishing for it and/or Elbows. Take your approach slowly. Everybody backdashes on Alex due to knowing his pressure is subpar and his normals are slow. Just wait, eventually they’ll back themselves into the corner or approach you. Don’t kill yourself trying to defy your character’s properties.

-Almost all of your real pressure comes from Sledgehammer into Mp.Flash Chop or LK Knee Smash if confirmed off Cr.HP. It will demand the opponent to make a choice to jump/backdash/light/or reversal.

-After a throw tech do not use Cr.MP. So many times you will find your Cr.MP (your mainstay poke as it confirms into St.HP or Tilt Forward Cr.HP after V-Trigger cancel) Crush Countered by sweeps from much of the cast.

-Parry untrue block strings. Necali’s MP into Stomp for example can be parried.

-Parry V-Reversals after Lariat. Lariat is sadly extremely vulnerable to enemy V-Reversals. People will be watching out for Lariat as a free V-Reversal opportunity.

-This is just anecdotal advice but when V-Trigger is active the opponent is usually more likely to attempt to throw you. Just my experience.

-Learn to aim EX Stomp and Headbutt. You will fly over the opponent’s head and miss and it will be frustrating.

-Do not use St.LP as an anti-air. The risk is extremely high. If you need to do something quick do Jump Back LP.

-Go through many mixups in a single match. As a command grab character you have to find as many ways to condition your opponent as possible. Tick Throw, Empty Jump Low/Throw/Overhead. Sneak in damage however you can so they overthink things. People sleep on Alex and it really is your job to remind them that we can do confusing things.


Thanks! I’ll try to practice over the weekend :smiley:


Add us on CFN and invite us when we’re on. A lot of us enjoy it.
I’m my Username on CFN.


Cool, thanks. I’ll do that.


Not invincible untill frame 6.


FAT and VFrames both say from frame 5.


Confession: I really suck at getting back-charge after lariat.




I love that they’re using the unused Voice Clips!


It’s pretty strict if you’re not going into after.


This is the most complete rundown of Alex’s gameplan I’ve read haha. It’s really well made, kudos to you, @SteamBoy27! :slight_smile:

Just my two cents: ex knee is actually totally invulnerable while ascending in the air, which happens at frame 5. Until then, you’re considered to be in a crouching position.


Now my complain/suggestions bit. You all know I’m pretty vocal at advocating for frame 1 armor on ex elbow and for crHP to have a 9f startup (instead of current 10f).
But now I’m convinced of another thing as a high priority, and in that I’m together with @mowr: something is really wrong with Powerbomb. It NEEDS to be fixed.
Let’s compare it to the main command grab other grapplers have. I’ll note it down like this: name of the move - startup - light/medium/heavy/ex damage - observations.

Alex’s Powerbomb - 6f - 160/170/180/220 - reset to neutral (access to pokes: stHK or lk elbow); no special properties.
Laura’s Sunset Wheel - 5f - 160/170/180/180 OR 180/190/200/210 while on V-Trigger - reset to neutral (access to pokes: stHP, stHK, crHK); ex version lunges forward and is projectile invincible.
Birdie’s Killing Head - 5f - 180/190/200/220 - reset to neutral (access to pokes?); ex version is throw invincible.
Zangief’s ScrewPileDriver - 5f - 180/200/220/220 - recovers into oki/mixup situation (dash-grab or combo);
Mika’s Rainbow Typhoon - 5f - 160/170/180/220 - recovers into oki/mixup situation (grab, combo, crush counter…)
Abigail’s Smash - 6f - 180/200/220/100 OR 200/220/240/100 while on V-Trigger - reset to neutral (access to pokes); ex version puts opponents in a juggle state (resulting in damage higher than 240) with okis accessible.

So… what’s the conclusion here?
Alex simply has the WORST command grab of all characters that rely on grabs to open the opponents up (either grapplers or brawlers).
That Zangief and Abigail have better damage than Alex is just fair and understandable. They’re slower and have a harder time getting in. It fits their gameplan.
Laura has a much easier time getting in and has at least the same damage as Alex, with the added benefit of having higher damage on v-trigger and projectile invincibility on ex.
Mika has the exact same damage with a faster startup and crazy oki situations afterwards, so her rewards are much higher.
The only comparable command grab in terms of gameplay dynamics would be Birdie’s. However, his damage is higher by default and the ex version is throw invincible, which allows for a legit wakeup game.
Alex’s powerbomb, which is slower than every other command grab (except for Abigail’s), gives nothing but the damage.
Not to mention the RANGE, which is subpar in comparison with every other command grab.

Currently, it is just more rational for the opponent to take the powerbomb. Alex’s pressure ends and the damage you take is not as high as being tangled in a crush counter situation. You just need to keep blocking and watch to see if Alex dashes, in which case any poke will end the threat definitively. That’s much easier to handle than any other command grab.
If the damage were higher - say, like Birdie’s - in a 180/190/200/220 scale, people would be at least a little bit more scared to take a powerbomb. This scale means that the light version would inflict the same amount of damage as the current heavy version, which has a significant visual difference in the opponent’s life bar. Opponents would be more prone to jump in mixup situations (aka Lariat) and it would open up for more varied offensive gameplay.

Plus, it just makes sense to increase powerbomb’s damage considering that it is SLOW. Abigail’s command grab is one frame slower than the rest but does much more damage; Alex’s is as slow as Abigail’s, and does the least damage of them all. Plus, the range does not allow for true mixup situations with stMP. You need a microstep to insert a powerbomb after a blocked stMP. And at 6f, it doesn’t grab 3 framers, since stMP is only +2 on block.

So if they just increased powerbomb’s damage, the move would be better, but the work would still not be done. They could still improve its range in one or two points (at least for the lp version) and decrease its startup. Then Alex would have a legit mixup from either a blocked stMP or a blocked Lariat. And it would scare people, like other grapplers’ command grabs legitimately do.
Because Alex has a hard time getting in and he NEEDS a command grab to open people up, it is just necessary to make powerbomb count.