Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread



Surely it’s Brimstone not Rainbow Typhoon that leads into a favourable knockdown situation? I’m sure she can get stuff off Typhoon if she throws you into the corner while being in the corner herself, but that doesn’t happen often. Brimstone damage is much lower than Typhoon obviously (which makes sense if it was supposed to be her oki grab).

I agree powerbomb is the worst command grab across the grapplers, but I’m not sure what you’re suggesting is the best way to go about ‘fixing’ it. I think the game needs more variety, not more homogenisation, and come S3 if some of the command grab loops get toned down suddenly powerbomb isn’t looking so different to the rest. I think they need to find more unique ways to improve and differentiate the characters rather than taking weaker moves and improving their properties. Having said that, I think the best buff powerbomb could get would be to reinstate the EX knee knockdown - the two were clearly designed to work together and the weak range on PB becomes irrelevant in that situation.


That’s exactly the point. I think they designed powerbomb with a certain mindset that is no longer valid in the current state of the game.
They probably thought: we’re making this character really strong in the neutral game, let’s make his command grab less relevant to even things out, so it’s just a way of opening people up and not a gameplan.
But after season 2, they completely changed Alex: they nerfed his neutral and shifted emphasis towards his specials. Maybe they thought (as they did with everything else) that being able to mixup two throws would be too much, so they increased the recovery distance of ex knee; but by maintaining powerbomb at the same power level that it was before, the move became less integrated into Alex’s moveset. It’s like an echo from the past in the current character. It is clearly wrong in this moveset that Alex has now.

I agree that powerbomb as it is might have been alright for Season 1. It is just not so for Season 2 or 2.5.


And you’re right about typhoon; it’s brimstone that has oki, and is much weaker. However, ex typhoon hits after TWO crLP ticks and you DO have oki if you’re in the corner and throw the opponent into it.
But it is different in that typhoon throws your opponent a full screen away from you. That’s good to escape pressure in many cases, and also allows for using Mika’s v-skill, which increases the throw damage overall. So she DOES get something from typhoon even if she’s not close to the opponent after it.


if nothing else, ex powerbomb should be 5 frames and throw invincible. As it stands, Alex’s powerbomb is essentialy the worst command grab in the game… and unfortunately he’s very relaint on that move.

ex elbow needs frame 1 armor, ex knee needs it’s oki back (for “balance” i’d change the regular knee knockdown distance to what ex knee’s is now), and we should be able to cancel out of sledgehammer.

I’d love to see him get better AA normals, but that’ll never happen. Hell, none of these buffs will ever happen!!!


Right, but modifying powerbomb to match the current state of the game implies that the current state of the game should stay as it is! I say no thanks to that.


does alex have any whiff punish tools ?


what’s a whiff punish?



come on man im being
serious lmao


StMP into either lp chop or, better yet, lk elbow is a very good whiff punish tool. StHP and crHP are also very good at that, since the range is longer and you can convert into mp chop or mk elbow (stHP) and lp chop or ex knee in the case of crHP.


Is that like a reset?

#5331 into ex chop good in neutral.


To clarify you have to buffer the EX Chop quickly so it only comes out on hit. Don’t wanna just randomly throw out an EX move. Hope it helps.


@SteamBoy27 nice matches there, man! You were my first of the day haha. Wanna do some lobbies?


Lol my hangover is showing its signs hahaha
You’re doing really great haha
You play really patient, that’s a good thing!


Thise damn involuntary powerbombs though


My wife started complaining here, I had to stop haha


Great matches, man, you made me see some options I wasn’t really aware of. It was fun! :slight_smile:


Man I totally lost the groove after the first set. Those parry to parry moments never ever get to happen so that was awesome.
Good games.

(Watch out for those multiple forum posts!)


So they have to be in the air then?


So you’d need an anti air right? But I don’t think those exist?