Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread



Alex has problems, but that feeling when you rapid-fire multi-parry your way out of your opponent’s elaborate set-up to steal momentum back and win the round isn’t one of them.


I’m not sure.
But I did find a thread to help


Sometimes I think I’m a bit of a dick towards people but screw it, makes me laugh. xD


Guys, I made a video comparing Powerbomb to other command grabs in the game and explaining why it’s actually the worst command grab in the game.
I plan to make another to explain another thing that puts Alex behind: bad range on his throws (yes, I made a whole video without mentioning range, which is telling).

Comments/criticisms/suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:
This is the first video I make, so I’m sorry about it being bad lol.


Put this up on r/streetfighter and start a riot!
Buff Alex!


Do you think it would be worth it?
r/streetfighter is Reddit, right?


@SteamBoy27 I put it on r/streetfighter, as you suggested :slight_smile:


I like how these guys are basically saying : “No don’t buff powerbomb Alex is the only character that’s actually fair.”

Well heck man if everyone else has good oki why can’t we?


great job!! If I could make one suggestion: you should also mention that Alex doesn’t have a single version of his command grab’s that’s 5 frames, unlike every other grappler. Every version of his raw command grab loses to normal throws!

The only other grappler that doesn’t have a 5 frame command grab is abby, but that’s offset by it’s raw damage.

So, to recap, it does the worst damage, has zero oki, and is slow.

Um, yeah.



He is so fair that he is bad. RIP

Btw, I played on a local this weekend. Lost to Juri, beat a Ryu then lost to Karin.
Fuck Karin.


This sledgehammer trade works against Akuma too.
When I labed it, I believe I did std.MP -> sledgehammer against Akuma’s std.LP. The trade is so worth.


just a question, I never really got to play Alex in S1 how good was he? How would S1 Alex do compared to the rest of S2 characters??


S1 Alex could reliably anti-air almost everything, his best poke was faster, and his elbows were tougher to deal with on reaction. He was a much more solid character if you didn’t mind playing a grinding methodical style.

S1 Alex would probably have been mid-tier in S2.


I’m kinda disappointed with the alt color selection for the classic Alex costume…

I thought they would bring back more 3S colors… were then Fukk is my tan Alex!!


We got swim trunks boys.


That’s not too bad. But I still prefer R. Mika’s Felicia outfit haha


I always find it completely ridiculous that Alex’s regular throw range is so short that his hand is able to visually extend past Ryu and still not be able to connect. Who!? Who thought this was a good idea? It just boggles my imagination that this would be okay. My goodness.


According to FAT, Alex actually has the joint best throw range in the game along with Bison, Birdie and Gief. A lot of other characters seem like they have superior throw ranges, but it’s just because they have superior walk speed.


I’m ready for the hell that is remote controlled orb pressure.

Matchup discussion? Alex V.S. Menat


It seems really bad. When she has her orb her normals are fucking ridiculous, she can just harass you from far away and her AA game is solid. It really just became a game of waiting for her to fuck up. Once you’re in though, you can get in that ass, no invincible reversal hurts her wake up. Feels kinda like fighting Sim with no teleports. :rofl: