Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread



For the few people still posting in here who are not in the Alex Discord…


There’s a Discord Server dedicated to only Alex?

Please invite.


I second that…

Great video btw… what is the second song you used after the street fighter 2 character select music?


Cheers. The song is from the Solar Eclipse stage in SFIV.


It’s Gunfight’s Alex Nation one. I’m sure the link’s floating about somewhere.


Lol, I went and checked not much longer after that angry post and saw that too. It then dawned on me that everything is stubby and I cried a bit.


Actually, despite the nominal good range, Alex’s normal throw truly has bad range because his throwbox and throw hitbox are uneven. The throw hitbox actually starts from a little bit behind than his hands. That kills his range. That’s what produces that effect that StormKUBO (I think) showed, in which if you stay at a one-punch distance from Cammy, Alex’s throw will whiff, but Cammy’s will connect. So it might not necessarily be a matter of range, but of box positioning.

Oh yeah, and the Alex Nation discord channel is alive and kicking! All of us Gunfight students hehe. Cdooks put up a really well done work.


If that’s the case someone should really do the sums and come up with the real throw ranges. No point in that info even being included with frame data if it’s bogus.


You Alex FOOLS need to WAKE UP and come over to the Abigail side!


nevermind already answered


You are a member of the rebel alliance, and a traitor.

(Glad you’re having fun)


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For the few people still posting in here who are not in the Alex Discord…


Your videos are forever godlike.


X-kira data mining the possibility of having a “customizable” v-system for characters got me thinking about what I’d like to see in a second v-trigger/reversal/skill for Alex.

At least for a v-reversal I’d like to see Alex’s spiral ddt come back as a throw v-reversal similar to Mika’s stunner but since Alex has to swing around the opponent for the “spiral” portion of the DDT it would be dope if using it switched sides giving Alex a corner escape option.


Side switch spiral DDT V-reversal would be sick. Honestly I’d like to see his back+HP hit throw as a V-skill for the purpose of doing more stun. It would balance out because he could get stun faster, but would do less damage after a stun without his “Overhaul” V-skill giving him post-stun crush counters.

Then maybe the V-trigger would make all his grabs come out faster and end you closer to the opponent while it was active. Basically all the V-moves would switch to make him more of a grappler.


Cheers. I thought it was a great idea to put 5 videos into 1 to begin with… won’t be doing that again in a hurry!


I love Jonmkl’s idea of the side switch DDT and the Back HP that’s such a godlike idea. I’m all for that.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the V-Skill and Reversal get switched either. Parry as the V-Skill and Overhaul as the Trigger? Mid combo crumples sound super cool and I saw Venom and Error’s Mod do something with this concept.


Mid combo V-trigger into CC… good god. That would be the most fun combo tech in SFV.


Here’s the combo I was referring to. (0:50) They do a bunch of crazy stuff on the mods but this version of Alex of the many they did I like the most.


After getting online after a long break…I got the brakes beat off me and fell hard. Wish me luck when I enter the squared circle later this week,


Hey guys, some days back at practice mode and thinked about this setup… i recorded a video, do you guys think this is usable in a real match?

On training this works very well rsrs… but i cant apply that on a another real player yet.