Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread



It’s viable in the sense that the chain of events leading up to that point is possible yes. It’s taking two chances after a knockdown so it’s chance of happening is lower than if you had to get only 1 read.


Me getting online: “There are no brakes on this train… to the bottom!!”

Oh and new V-Triggers confirmed for “SFV: Arcade Edition” next year. Let the speculation flow! You guys think it’ll only be the triggers, and the skills and reversals will remain the same? I hope not.


I think it will just be new Triggers, but there will also be a rebalance pass on the cast too.

I am not really expecting Alex’s new Trigger to be better than the current one, but we might get some really good stuff just tweaking Alex’s frame data.


If the new v trigger isn’t a full screen command grab, I ain’t using it


Yeah I’m looking at the marketing and it really looks like it’s just new triggers, although maybe picking a different trigger could change your V-Skill on certain characters? Unlikely though.

What could an alternate trigger for Alex even be? His current trigger is the only strong thing about the character as it is. There’s a screen shot of Chun’s being her Kikosho, but I doubt Alex is gonna whip out some kind of massive burst damage attack.

Maybe it could be some kind of utility one-use that charges incredibly fast like Nash’s teleport?


I could see an install that gives him his 3S DDT and Choke for the length of the trigger, but I don’t know if Capcom is going to put that much work into it.


Yeah, with Capcom, improving the startup / wake up on his throws seems like a more likely install just due to ease of implementation.

What if it was a 2f startup super throw like how his Hyper Bomb worked in 3S? The ultimate panic button. Seems so redundant to his super though.


This is Ken tech vs Akuma but it also works with Alex. Props to the Ken player for finding this out. Hate Akuma lol


“Wouldn’t it be nice if WE could cancel Elbow into V-Trigger?” Been wanting that for a while

You’re gonna get jumped in on. Then you’ll still be free because you know Alex…He has no money


Wouldn’t mind seeing a command grab super. Would give another look so people would have to watch for that or ex chops. I’d like it. Let it combo off of some stuff.


@Hotdawg_SKA cook matches :slight_smile:
Too bad there was some lag on the first one and we both seemingly missed inputs like crazy lol.
It was really cool :slight_smile:


Lol yea that lag threw me off a bit! Great Alex you got there! Welcome to Super Diamond!


Man i’m having a lot of trouble with the birdie matchup…feels like he does everything better than Alex. Better pokes, faster command grab, does more damage, etc. He has alot of options to beat Alex’s offense. Watched gunfight vs trashbox and it was pretty one sided.


Anybody else have trouble with Vega? Well after getting my butt whooped and spending several hours in training mode, I found some pretty neat punishes against Vega’s v-reversal. Hopefully this helps…didn’t get a chance to actually try it out so right now it’s all in theory only lol. Try them out and let me know what you guys think:



My bad… actually these punishes only work if vega does his v reversal really late…like 0.5 secs after blocking. Crap totally forgot about that…need to do more testing. :frowning:


Ok, I’ve come to put forward a new idea for Alex’s V-trigger.

Stun Gun Headbutt, but with the startup animation and range of his old back+HP (since his current headbutt startup and range already looks like a slow SGH). In other words, a close range grab where he headbutts the opponent multiple times, immediately stunning them, and you’re free to follow up with a combo.

It could be a hit grab, so it’s blockable, but could have a fully invincible startup so you could use it like a reversal / mixup.

And used after a medium or heavy slash in place of backdrop it could do his rear-naked-choke, do big damage, and end in a crumple instead of stun.

It fits his V-skill, alters his gameplan, and still allows you to get big damage without sledgehammer combos. This (minus the rear naked choke probably) seems very plausible to me. Thoughts?

V-Triggers 2: UPDATED! :D

they won’t give him anything anywhere this useful :confused:


Discord link for the Alex Server btw, it’s where I went to since asking.




The belt is the only good thing about this costume. lol
Kinda liked how the hair is split tho