Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread



Wash the taste of that costume out of your mouth with this befouling tech from the Alex discord:

Courtesy of FaP | FREESER


This is giving me the urges to stop MvCI for a while and body fools with this tech. Sick stuff.


Holy shit I called that to the letter.


with the backdrop-chop tech from a few months ago, the choke is just the same thing but easier isn’t it though? they might even be removing it and replacing it with the v-trigger choke followup…

DDT is cool, but “only works against standing opponents”. I guess it’s here to give him v-trigger/meterless mid-range followups, which is OK.

None of this is bad, but none of it would be as good as giving Alex straight buffs tho. Things like better AA and non-shit powerbomb throw range.
DDT could possibly make his st.HK worth using.


I have never seen such precise guessing fuck me


As good as it all sounds

His original v trigger still seems better for the parry alone


I think his DDT will be considered the default v-trigger, it’ll give him actual meterless combo enders possibly w/ oki. The nice thing about all this is that it gives him the option to not use his meter, which is one of his bigger issues. If they give EX Knees startup invinc., this would go a long way to making him more viable.



ddt looks cool and does good damage, but I don’t really see the utility… it’s slow, you can duck it or neutral jump it (just like you can n.jump the rest of his specials). Doesn’t headbutt already do what this does? Sleeper seems like a good combo ender though.

The real question is, Did Alex get any actual useful buffs???


Damn, DDT takes a fiction of v meter. We probably only get like 3 sleeper holds at best. Ehhhh on this trigger.


I’m not really seeing the use of this trigger honestly. I guess I gotta wait to see some set ups before I judge.


Better conversions and oki off of lights and Makes the 4 frame punish game count for more, and makes backdashing after blocking f.hp more of a risk for opponents.

I am not sure any of that is enough to change any match ups though.


Sleeper looks great. Wonder what the recovery frames are on that. Hard knockdown? New meaty set ups will be nice after all that stun.


You get close meaty f.hp so it’s big


It’s also been stated by a few people now, including 801, that light knee now (finally) has upper body invincibility!

Anyone know how many times you can do the sleeper per trigger?

Edit: found this, looks like 3 max


From full to below half, you get 2



Comboing into DDT makes me feel better about it. It still shouldn’t be a trigger.


Damnit you’re right, I thought his trigger was already a little drained before the choke. What’s the point of comboing into DDP when you could already combo those normals into sledge? Not sure why Alex would need a “combo ender” trigger when he already has a combo extender trigger.

Maybe I’m wrong and it gives him some truly gross options, we’ll have to see.

I feel like DDP should have just replaced headbutt, and not combo’d, and then just make VT2 stun gun headbutt.


The point of being able to combo into DDT is that it means those buttons remain threatening regardless of which VT you choose.

Basically it reduces the opportunity cost of picking VT2 because you can still get enhanced damage in many of the same situations you could with VT1.