Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread



Ah. That’s a solid point. I guess then what you’re really choosing is Parry vs Oki?




Yeah, pretty succinct summary of the differences between his VTs. As long as knees gets invinc, I’ll gladly take an Alex with improved Oki (that doesn’t dip into his super bar) and real, consistent AA. I’m sure there will be some goofy options with raw DDTs too.


Does anyone happen to know if Choke works on juggled opponents? Something like c.hp, l.chop xx choke?


probably hakan wakeup shenanigans

They just need to be standing for it to connect so not exactly the same


Sure, but I didn’t claim it was exactly the same.


Looks like no according to this second round (at about 2 minutes), although in this case the opponent is jumping before being juggled, which I suppose could effect it.


Nice catch. You’re right too that Abigail jumping first might have affected the juggle count.


I really wish that they could have found a way to let him have sledgehammer while also having DDT. Given Alex’s weaknesses, I don’t think that it would have made him OP.

Playing with sledgehammer is so much fun and feels so integral to SFV Alex that I’ll feel sad leaving it behind if V-Trigger 2 is better.


There is a rumor that his Cr. Lk is a 3 frame move. Really hope this is true.


“Alex is getting buffed season 2”


Patch notes are out… he got buffed, sorta, but we still didn’t get what we wanted/needed. And they nerfed flash chop???

some quick notes:
-power bomb got slight damage increases, but they’re all still 6 frames and gained more whiff recovery frames. Ugh.
-no buff to…
-no frame 1 armor on ex elbow
-no mention of ex knee getting more invincibility

they made lariat better though. so that’s good.

Unless they announce more changes (said it may not be final), I don’t think this helps him much at all.



Standing Medium Punch
• Pushback on hit reduced.

Standing Medium Kick
• Hurtbox has been changed.

Crouching Heavy Punch
• Hitbox has been changed.
• Hurtbox has been changed.
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement.
• The opponent is now sent flying slightly further away from the second hit of this move.

Crouching Heavy Kick
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement.

Jumping Medium Punch
• Hitbox has been changed.
• Hurtbox has been changed.

Jumping Heavy Punch
• Hitbox has been changed.
• Hurtbox has been changed.

Jumping Heavy Kick
• Hurtbox has been changed.

• Is now -6 frames on block instead of -4 frames.
• Pushback on block decreased.

• Is now +7 on hit instead of +6.
• Active frames have increased to 4 frames from 3 frames.
• Hurtbox has been changed.

Flying Cross Chop
• Adjusted the move’s collision box.

Light Power Bomb
• 9 frames of recovery have been added on whiff.
• Damage has been increased to 170 from 160.
• Stun has been decreased to 200 from 220.

Medium Power Bomb
• 9 frames of recovery have been added on whiff.
• Damage has been increased to 180 from 170.
• Stun has been increased to 230 from 220.

Heavy Power Bomb
• 9 frames of recovery have been added on whiff.
• Damage has been increased to 190 from 180.
• Stun has been increased to 250 from 220.

EX Power Bomb
• 9 frames of recovery have been added on whiff.
• Damage has been increased to 230 from 220.

Air Knee Smash/EX Air Knee Smash
• Has been adjusted so charge direction doesn’t change mid-move, meaning you can now do a Slash Elbow afterwards.

Light Air Knee Smash
• Hurtbox has been changed.

Medium/Heavy Air Knee Smash
• 2 active frames have been added to this move.
• Hurtbox has been changed.
• The distance Alex travels has been changed.
• 5 frames of recovery have been added when landing.

EX Air Stampede
• Adjusted the move’s collision box during movement.



Hmm… definitely interesting stuff. My most wanted adjustments were absolutely his buttons being improved for neutral, so his hitboxes and hurtboxes being adjusted is promising… but considering we have no idea what direction they’re being adjusted we don’t really know anything for sure. They could be nerfs or burfs.

Glad to see his knee changes that people were talking about are real. Reduced pushback on MP seems sweet.

Odd they buffed lariat, is there anything we can do with that extra frame? HP off of meaty lariat?

Those universal VTC scaling changes really push toward VT2, that’s going to be a big change. I’m not excited about this new eternal-whiff-command-throw world.

That’s his overhead chop that they nerfed actually… not sure why they nerfed it anyway.


Everyone’s overhead took a nerf in s2 except Alex. His remained -4 for whatever reason.

Did anyone notice that they fixed it so you can do slash elbow after air knee?? AMAZING.

I don’t think the increase recovery on command grabs is a cause for alarm. It seems that its aimed towards specific situations were the opponent whiffs intentionally. In other words, now if you attempt to command grab and whiff you will get blown up. In s3 it will be the exact samething. Why would you NOT be close up during a command grab attempt?

Alex is moving up in tier this season…we’ll see how far though.


Yeah I see what you’re saying. Though with 9 extra frames it may be possible for some characters to jump back and still get a strong punish. Do you think it’s a meter thing to keep people from whiffing grabs for meter? Doesn’t seem like that would be degenerate enough to deserve a nerf.


Well elbow from kneesmash is good I guess, I wonder what the more active kneesmash thing is? an actual anti-air now?. Lariat buff and mp being less pushback is ok as well. Not too impressed but will see.


Does Alex have any 7F normals that can take advantage of the Lariat buff?


No, but it should open up new links from meaty hits though.


Yeah the first thing I thought about was players who whiff grabs to gain meter. I usually only see this during stun though. Maybe now when the opponent is stunned and you purposely whiff a grab, you can no longer follow up with anything? I don’t know. Other than that I can/treally see a time when a player would purposely whiff a grab to confuse the player. Maybe it works against new players? lol