Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread



Man these changes are dry. Goodbye new combo video…


@Hotdawg_SKA hey, man, you should be in the Alex Nation discord!! The last match we did was really fun, although I was hella sick haha. Let me post an invitation for the discord, everybody’s there, including Gunfight, TwistedRivera and Showspectro! :slight_smile:


Here’s a permanent link for the Alex Nation discord:
See you guys there! :slight_smile:


Guys, 801_Strider was saying that the extra active frame will make lariat connect upon backroll, and that the extra advantage frame will mean that when it hits meaty, Alex will be +10. That means you can do either crHP or stHP in knockdown scenarios where Lariat would be meaty, such as ex chop - dash with backroll. That’s a really big buff.
On top of that, crHP will be a better antiair (albeit possibly with less oki) and lk knee will too, so we will be able to control neutral better. And the reduced pushback on stMP might mean a new setup for powerbombs, which are now improved. The only nerfs Alex had were the universal ones, and they didn’t even touch his normal throw or his headbutt recoveries. So he’ll definitely be stronger on season 3, probably on a competitive level. I’m really excited :slight_smile:


LK Knee/cr.HP AA buffs are great if true. If he’s able to have consistent meterless AA then he’s all set. Everything else is just a bonus. HP Powerbomb stun increase is nice for corner game.


If the changes stay like this for Lariat here’s a freebie for day -10.

Combo into EX Flash Chop in the corner cr.lp x2 -> Lariat. Hits on on second frame after wakeup for quick rise, hits on last active frame for back roll.

EX Elbow into corner, -> latiat, same as above result.


Great calcs, thanks! :slight_smile:


Doing my yearly check-in to see how all you battered housewives are doing

Strange that they buffed his probably best normal and then left all of his other shit alone.,, st.lp, all could have used some specific changes to improve utility.

VT2 looks very fun to use at least. I’ll be bringing out my Alex again just so I can DDT people.


So now dash up after medium/heavy knee is -1? Not sure what the point of that was. Assuming light knee is still +4 on dash up then the universal change for 3 active frames on normal throw will make this automatic now, right?


I assume it means when landing from whiff, they all do a flat 130 damage so nerfing only medium/heavy oki makes literally zero sense. It definitely means landing recovery from whiff.

Also, did anybody here or any Alex player at all incorportate standing cancels into EX.Stomp/headbutt? It’s really good, I use them whenever I want to go for a Stomp/Headbutt.

Standard strings like - xx EX.Stomp are good, but if you’re dead-on with your charge timing you can do f.hp > xx EX.Stomp. Nobody expects that at all, it’s a fantastic pressure reset.


I’ve seen gunfight and donpachi do this one a lot, it’s magnificent.


Uh oh I brought all of Alex’s costumes

Is S3 the season I retake the belt

Especially doing it into EX.Headbutt, CC f.hp > f.hp > xx EX.Headbutt as a gimmick is ridiculous, that’s probably about 600 stun

I can see why EX.Stomp doesn’t hit jumping opponents when this exists, it’d be quite a strong vortex that way.


Even the horrendous Christmas one?


Some errors may have been made


Hey Froztey, he has championship belt on. I got no issue with you snagging that one. I have it too.


I have all of Alex’s costumes too and don’t regret it :slight_smile:
Standing xx stomp or headbutt is really useful when you want to surprise the oppponent. They have different uses, though. Midscreen, it’s better to go for ex stomp, since it’s safe on block and helps you keep pressure if they block standing. Sometimes I even do crlk, crlp, stmp xx lk stomp if I see it fits the opponent’s blocking behaviour. Although it’s unsafe, only long-range lights can reach to punish. Ex headbutt is a great stunner (300 stun), and also surprises the opponent a lot if you put him in the corner with a backdrop (normal, not ex): you’re in perfect range for stHP xx ex headbutt.


I never got to use this

but imagine I made a funny joke about my Alex gameplan with this video


Coming back from a SF5 hiatus.

Did his crossup get rek’t?

Seems like the hit box is minimal now.


Unless I am forgetting something, pretty sure his was always like that.


VTrigger 2 damage looking NICE