Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread



V trigger 2 after EX Chop


Vtrigger 2 comboing from cr.MP and cr.MK without counter hit. Very specific range.


@AgeOfPage Thanks for the clips man.


No problem!


So I think Alex will be…mid-tier or higher probably?

  • No more, or far fewer throw loops.
  • cr.HP/LK Knees sound very reliable from most reports
  • Lariat gives stronger oki, combo’d with better P.Bomb dmg/stun numbers across the board.
  • VT2 gives good damage and fairly reliable mid-screen oki.

So idk, I think he’s gonna be great. Only thing missing is 3f normal I guess. If his AA is as solid as it sounds, he can just push people back.
You might still wanna go VTI for people like Guile I guess.


Can’t see that happening. He’d have to move above 10 characters at least… Who do you think he’s going to be better than?


That’s not strictly true. You could be the second worst character in the game and still be mid tier, so long as your win/loss ratio is much closer to the other mid tiers than it is to the worst character.

That said, I have a hard time seeing the actual changes Alex got as a huge deal.


No Capcom game has ever achieved anything close to this level of balance though. The changes across the board don’t look they’re going to compress the existing tier list all that much if at all.


So, uh

I mean, it’s not the best set up ever? Lots of points where you can get out of it, of course. But if you make the right reads and they get button happy? Forget it.

Also HK Knee can hit nearly full screen with it’s extra active frames now. HK Knee -> meaty HK Elbow -> Super beats 3 frame wake ups and does 676 damage and 560 stun.

So…Alex might be a little better now, lol


If you’re feeling extra manly, you can actually whiff punish with DDT. srsly. trust me bros.


@KingCrimson posted this in SFV GD. Good info.


dood I really want to believe. I paid for Alex due to the loyalty but my tolerance for low tier has decreased along the years.

Update is downloading so I’m playing until tomorrow. Hope cr. HP is as good as advertised. If it can beat ambiguous jump ins then he goes high in the candidates for S3 main.


OK so despite everything I said in the past I decided to see how things are in season 3.
First things first - VT2 is fun and makes me smile just using it but with both DDT and Choke being +12 = f.HP or LP.FlashChop are the only meatys unless you want to manually time it. While cr.HP and cr.HK both work they’re unsafe enough that I didn’t even try them.
st.MK’s hurtbox adjustment so it’s not larger than the hitbox is a good change.
I’m not sure how much these changes are going to help and I don’t see any real reason to pick VT2 over VT1 but it’s always nice to see Alex get options.


Vt2 combos dealing really nice stun and dmg. With a cc activation and one guessed lariat its pretty much done on a lot of characters. But i belive that on a higher lvl of play Vt1 is better. Vt2 will destroy ppl who jump, mash and have a little expirience in alex matchup.


VTII makes a pretty decent defense move. They do something unsafe or try to dash throw/tick throw, just hit it and VTC into Lp/EX chop - choke and run your oki game.

VTII feels very, very viable atm. hurtbox buff also feels nice. AA feels much better.

VTII actually makes him a “stun monster” now.


One super big basic issue he still has is down to one thing: His f.dash is garbage.

19f for…what reason? He isn’t Gief; and dashing into a powerbomb that doesn’t even beat throws AND resets neutral is garbage. His 3s dash was great, it was 13f and allowed him to move in semi-safely, and that’s a game with DED from the top tier. Give Alex a good dash, at least 15f if they’re afraid of him getting a 50/50 from throws/p.bomb or whatever.

two other issues: should be S1 level. ST.MK is now good for keeping himself safe, but all he has is and maybe to protect himself. Alex should be able to poke himself to safety in a game like this, he has no confirms outside of VT confirms.
st.lp should be 3f because why not?


The situation after choke isn’t particularly strong though. Yes you get auto-meaty lariat, but only idiots are going to get hit/CCed after that very often and it’s a free vreversal if blocked. With VT1 at least they have to worry about parry when using vreversal. Making them block lariat is no big deal - it’s just the same as last season where Alex has to take a risk to get any meaningful damage. +12 off choke means if you want to go for powerbomb you have to manually time it. I mean, I’m happy to be proved wrong but to me VT2 has very little going for it compared to VT1. Parry/sledge has way too much utility.


Yeah, to make VT2 competitive DDT and choke would have to hit like trucks. Or Alex’s oki would have to get a lot stronger in general, but that would make VT1 stronger too.

I do like DDT as a tool. Choke uses WAY too much of the trigger timer for what it gives you.


In my mind, Alex’s oki game without VTII is just garbage. I’m landing way more MP/EX powerbombs than I would otherwise because people don’t want to risk the stun off of a lariat combo. Then it’s a matter of landing an AA knee or just landing a for stun. I agree that DDT/Choke should only take 1/3 off bar rather than 1/2 though.


I agree with @GroundedSF Choke and DDT will give you a lariat and while that’s not bad I will almost always take the standing reset from MP-FlashChop after Sledgehammer.
I understand why they didn’t/wouldn’t do it but making DDT +17-22 to compensate for the fact that it whiffs on crouchers and give him something to do that doesn’t involve lariat would’ve been great but as it stands I honestly don’t think VT2 is as good as VT1.
Also I hate manually timing things in this game. Always feels like you’re at a disadvantage much like how safejumps were mandatory in SF4 vs uppercut characters, if you didn’t do it right you were eating Shoryu, FADC, Ultra. That might be clouding my vision slightly but then you add the parry from Sledgehammer and VT2 just doesn’t compare for me.