Alex General Discussion: "At ease, loo-suh!" The Alex SFV Thread



The situations you get after regular knee (which VT1 allows you to combo into without the corner or off an AA cr.hp) and after sledge > mp chop are better than choke/ddt in my opinion. Nothing has changed about the powerbomb knockdown, so even you guess right on manually timed powerbomb after choke you’re at a disadvantage - dash up can be reacted to and if you meaty with or lk elbow then they have a vreversal opportunity to negate the stun anyway. Of course you are going to win matches off stun when people guess wrong after choke, but the same thing applies with VT1… which is partly why some people refused to believe Alex was really all that bad in S2. A full CC into activation into max damage combo without meter does more stun with sledge than with choke, plus you get the option of spending meter on EX backdrop for significantly more stun and/or corner carry/side switch if necessary. And if they guess right on a powerbomb attempt after choke your ability to make a comeback is severely hampered without parry. Having parry available is just so important because it completely changes the risk-reward for your opponent when approaching/pressuring Alex, gives him access to reasonably effective hail marys, not to mention the fact that you can keep your vtrigger timer topped up by parrying and give yourself more time to get something going.

Obviously the choke oki is quite nice, but to get access to it you have to sacrifice too much.


Honestly the only match ups where i actually like VT2 are Birdie and Gief.

DDT jumps over Birdie’s can and banana peel so closing that gap on reaction to his v-skill and then getting oki afterwards is nice.

And being able to DDT Gief’s flex to deter him from doing it is nice too, sure i only get 2 uses but if i can do a decent amount of damage with the following oki situations then that’s good enough for me, also (and this may need testing idk if i did it early or what) i was able to DDT the activation of Gief’s VT1 as well.

Plus these are matches where Parry isn’t super relevant anyway because of the threat of command grabs from both characters, so having that as an extra defensive option against both characters isn’t a huge deal to me. For most everyone else VT1 seems like the way to go. Thinking of trying VT2 out more against Abigail as well for similar reasons.

TL;DR VT2 seems pretty decent against the big bodies but that’s about it.


I like parry too much against Abigail to give it up.

VT1 Alex vs Abigail matches are such a riot because both characters end up full of options that perfectly counter each other.


Alex VT2 is great. His neutral still feels weak. Its like…even with his decent range pokes they can’t convert into anything. I wish or could be cancelled.


Really man?! VT2 is great ?

Let’s be honest for a second and call a spade a spade. Alex’s VT2 is trash and I really recommend any Alex player to not ever it.


Its not his vt2, its the character that isn’t that great.



I don’t agree, VT2 is good, but not as good as VT1. VT1 of course has parry and will give fear to pressing buttons on him where as VT2 gives you oki set up, thing is you only get 2 chances, they really need to put it up to 3 to make it stand up to VT1 more.


I’d be happy if they just made VT2 just do a shit ton more damage and stun.


When did ex-headbutt become throw invincible?


Hasn’t it always been? It definitely was in S2. It’s not great though. Whiffed throw recovers too quickly to be punished by it and the headbutt sails over a lot of command grabs.


It’s Airborne Frame 1, so it’s kinda sorta invincible. Not like EX SPD.

Also hello I saw you earlier and I hope you knew the Taunt and such was just me saying hi,


Hey Steamboy!!!

Yeah man I ran into you earlier! I’m working on my Zeku, just started to play him a few days ago. I won one match, so I guess that is progress! You got a good Alex as well man. Hope to see you again.


It is throw invincible and it’s not airborne frame 1.


Nothing in 9 months? Damn. These changes look really good


About time. Got some real tools now.