Alex is Abel?


Here is my theory about Abel being Alex. So, Abel has short hair, yes. And Alex has long hair, that’s correct. But Street Fighter 4 is a sequel of Third Strike Story-Wise, so his hair probably grown over time.

And they are both semi-grab character, whatever you call it. (Character who mostly has grab moves like Zangief) and both of their eyes are blue and has the Same Stance.

So Abel is POSSIBLY Alex, what do you think?

Similar Traits:
Blonde Hair
Both are Grab Character
Both are bulky.
Both has blue eyes.
Same Stance.


Stop giving Capcom ideas.


I dislike alex…


Why is that?


eh, I just never liked his character design, it doesnt help that I dont like big characters, or grapplers.


Personally, I’m not a big fan of Alex. I play him from time to time, but it can be a chore to get in with him. That’s the hardest part about Alex. Once you do get in though…I feel so little satisfaction doing his mixups. For a hybrid “jack-of-all-trades” character, his gameplan is pretty simple and leaves little room for creativity. This is why there are so few Alex players I truly admire, like Kazuya and Genki(also KSK, for sentimental reasons).

That’s not to say I don’t respect Alex players. He gets gradually harder to play when time goes by, and I admire people willing to stick with him. I just don’t like the character much.


yeah, I may not like alex, but I do like Genki. dude is a beast.


While bringing up KSK, it’s hard not to like him, especially with matches like these(end of 2nd round, lolol).


Alex is a nerfed Clark nigga.

And Clark in KOF13 is a super buffed Alex.

And do you know who Alex Clark is? Apparently a musician.

Are you mindfucked yet?


Holy shit, a musician? A fighting muscular semi-black musician!?

Fuck, I really need to play that series.


The Alex/Abel connection is stretching it… I mean Abel has no fucking idea who he is but I doubt he is Alex or has a case of mistaken identity. However, I would not put it past Capcom to try and merge their stories. I always thought Alex was actually Biff Slamkovich (Aleksey Zalazof in Japan, no coincidence there right?) from Capcom’s Saturday Night Slam Masters.

The game also has Mike Haggar from FF, further merging the Slam Masters universe with the FF/SF universe.

There is also a character called Gunloc (lucky Colt in Japan) who is Alexsey’s rival and the rumour is he is Guile’s brother (Capcom denies this?). I would love to see his character make it’s way into the SF universe.

He looks more like Alex no?

Anyways, I think Alex is a great character I love his design and Capcom’s obvious homage to Hulk Hogan.


Alex died when old Capcom died and he was reborn as Clark in KOF13. Haven’t you been paying attention?


Doesn’t explain why the body scars are different. Sagat zangief and Cammy all have kept their scars, why would able suddenly change scars?


Abel is French…
Alex is American…
Erm… SF4 also happened before SF3… So unless Abel regained his memory, turned out to be pissed off for thinking he was French, reconciled with his sister and father, bulked up about a good 50 pounds, and changed his voice dramatically then yeah… He could be Alex… I’m not going to hold my breath on that theory. That’s like claiming Makoto was in SF Alpha Generations and actually is Ryu’s younger [S]brother[/S] sister: o.0


even sgt slaughter became an iraqi sympathizer, it’s possible the hulkster turned frog


Fuck Hulk Hogan. This is also part of the reason why I dislike Alex.

Seriously, fuck Hulk Hogan. Fucker almost ruined pro wrestling in America for everyone.


Abel is actually the love child of Sean and Alex


Alex is a sick character, I like him. character design, move animation, the feeling you get when you punch someone in the face with him.

Abel is some pathetic offbrand shit. has none of those things.

always go with the original. 3s forever.


Thing I love about 3S that olnly Tekken emulate: When you hit somebody with a big move: IT REALLY FEELS LIKE YOU HIT THEM BIG. No other game provides that sensation other than Tekken with certain characters counter hits. SF4 is full of lp lp lp lp lp lp mashdp. Nothing really big happening. SF2 was more meditated (and lame) only time I get that feeling is when I catch Sim with a umeshoryu.
Relevant to the discussion: Abel hits like a little bitch compared to Alex.


Sure he sucks now, sold out, and is partially responsible for “Pro” Wrestling being so corporate. But in his prime he was great and his showdowns with Andre the Giant were awesome. So do you hate Hugo’s design? Or because Andre died and went out before he could get lame he deserves more cool points?

Both wrestlers are awesome, even if one died in his prime and the other squandered it with fame. Their personas are iconic. I love the fact that SF3 pays homage to them.

Abel ain’t that bad. He like so many other characters in based off a famous fighter. I feel he is one of the best in the new SF4 roster.

It’s just like Fei Long being based off Bruce Lee etc.
Check this website for more…

Sure I was. But it’s abundantly clear that you did not pay attention to Clark before XIII and forgot his badass Metal Slug days. To say Alex died and came back as Clark is an insult to Clark, but I suppose it would make sense because XIII Clark is limited to 98UM. Something caused him to forget all that awesomeness … maybe Abel was involved.