Alex Jebailey's Guinness Invitational is Coming Soon to Orlando, FL


And I have GREAT NEWS!!!

I’ve been completely out of the competitive Fighting game ring as I’ve just been busy with real worlding it up with full time work and also Still on the Pro Circuit for the Marvel/DC Vs System Card game(Did I mention I got 22nd place at the last Pro Circuit and got a check for 3200 bucks.) Sure beats Winning Evo, but anyways on to the GOOD NEWS!!!.

There’s a new place in Orlando, FL Called

Just imagine 20 50 inch HDTV Widescreen TV’s, complete with rumbling chairs for the maximum Experience all under their own Sound Domes. Imagine this, THEY SERVE BEER AND ALCOHOL there.

I just went to the grand opening, And I was mighty impressed. The great news is the Main owner Shyloh, was one of the nicest guys I’ve met and a true Gamer.

He heard of my history with tournaments and videogames, and he said Alex, Whatever you need is yours, throw a tournament here anytime.

So I Come to you guys, Wanting to know, if I threw another big tournament, is there enough people to warrant the 100+ turnouts we had at some of the UCF Tournaments.

Prizes will be cash, he said anything I want I can do, Granted their setback right now is all their systems are Xbox’s, But I’ve convinced them to buy a few PS2’s for the general public for reasons you could think of on your own.

Well To end this since I’m at work right now as usual,

I want to throw a tournament, I just saw FR9 is in April So I don’t want to interfere with that. So I’m thinking of a middle week in March (March 24th-26th I’ll be in Atlanta for the next pro circuit) And of course on a Saturday.

I don’t want to overload it with too many games since this is a tryout to see the turn out So What I want to run is this.

Soul Calibur 3/Tekken 5 Just cause I admire that game and think they still have a big following.

Cvs2 or SF3: 3rd Strike depending on the majority voting.

And of Course MvC2 if enough guys will come out for it.

This place can become the new Florida Mecca for tournaments. So I need everyone’s Help as I know we can pull everyone together for some fun just like the good ol’ days.

So I need everyone’s positive feedback and what you think.

Of course This place isn’t greedy and isn’t out to take all the money, So i worked out an agreement to have at least a buy in to go to them, then the buy in for each game will go into the Prize Pool, ALL OF IT.

Hope everyone is well,


PS. There’s a convention January 20th-29th Called www.Otronicon.Org coming to the Orlando Science Center,

Yours truly was emailed and asked to participate in somehow so they gave me 2 one hour seminars on The Saturdays at 1 pm In their Big Darden Theater, to talk about videogaming and have a Q&A. I’m still working out what I’ll be doing, DDR is one of their big featured games so I’ll be doing DDR Demo’s as well, just gotta get back into shape with it.

You can check on my Website at to contact me or see updates when I get things settled, I’ll have the registration up and all that just like last time.

you still suck at ddr though… rofl… anyways, you got a marvel crew here and I know people from all over the state will come back, given enough time… wow, like old times cept I’m better now… let the good times roll!

Alex you’re the man.

Calm - If you read this look this up. This is perfect for you.



Alex, if you throw Guilty Gear with that Ill definitly make the drive up with a few friends. Its always a blast when we all get together. Also Neo Geo Battle Collisium would be tight.

As much as I hate to say it, right now the 3 games that get the largest turnout are Smash, Tekken, and Naruto.

Fuck that games and Beer I’m there along with the whole Tampa Crew.

you suck at ddr…

anyway yeah ill swing though and hit you niggas with some hot shit lol


As much as I love the 3d fighting games. I’m thinking of settling on a 2d Day, Then a 3d Day nearby.

I don’t want to overload the place with like 10 games. This place is REALLY professional and it’s not going to be just some thrown together tournament.

As of right now the Games I am Set on are

Cvs2 Ps2/DC


GGXX(Whichever version you guys play nowadays) PS2

3s from the anniversary edition PS2

I’m looking at a date of either Saturday March 4th or 11th.

If I put this together I want a GREAT turnout so it will be a very well done tournament, better then anything I’ve done before and like I said this place will be a great home.

Oh and Young IC3, I found this place it’s my ties, ain’t no calm warrior gonna come in and take it from me lol(However down the road we can run one together).


I’m still taller then you’ll ever be, so suck on that.

Alex- It’s Calm.

Good shit. If you need any DC or anything i can help w/ let me know. This way we both can rebuild florida. Let’s see what happens i am work my self i yet to check the link so i will post some suggestions in a few.

1 Question thow- How do you plan to market this?

Have I ever had a problem marketing a tournament before, First off thow is supposed to be though, so you need proper english to market something right.

2nd of course online forums, flyers to couple game places, the entire college. I mean I may have to add Tekken 5 and SC3 for a better turnout cause I don’t think we have enough 2d players. Most live in GA and such and will just wanna worry about FR9.

Anyways Once I know there’s gonna be a good turnout I’ll mass market this and handle everything.




your killing me. Anyway. I was only asking along the lines of posting exactly on the flyers what you plan to give as prizes and would your counterpart suffer any legal reprecussions for doing so? Only asking a question out of concern for your shit being that your going big and will most likely be bringing more eyes that may lead to more unneeded drama. That is all.

Rude Bitch.

I appreciate your concern, and since the House doesn’t make some huge profit(Buy in will get you pizza, I’m debating making it 10 bucks to go to the venue or 15 gets you 4 slices of pizza and a soda). And the money for each tourney goes right back out to the entrants.

So there’s nothing really to worry about, everybody will be happy.

Like I said they’re giving me everything I need, just need to bring the games and Some systems. It’ll be so easy to set up, This place is perfect and I’m on a close basis now with the owners. This is the kind of place I’ve always wanted to own, but felt there isn’t enough money in it.

PS. I didn’t mean to be rude anyways sorry about that. I got nothing but love for you. Oh and a PS2 controller was stolen from me at your last tournament lol.

As for the flyers, there’s nothing on there that will say money on it, besides Cash Prizes, Once they go to my website then they’ll see everything.

Was it a blue one? Because if so i still got it and a black one as well. I was planning on making an announce at the next Central FL tournament i had.

Let me know when you date is tentative and i will give you the dc’s you need. I have 5 for loan.

Black regular Sony Brand Dual Shock 2, thanks.

My date is pretty much either march 4th or 11th, I’ll talk with the owners this week and After I’m done this convention im talking at I’ll get things running for this.

AIm me anytime Calm at LAUGHWITHAJ

AS for DC’s I dunno yet if I’m hosting MvC2. I really want SC3 and T5 in cause I know that’ll get a better all around turnout.

South florida will be glad to take everyone’s money at this tournament in every game :slight_smile: , including the 3D games

this is kilikAbeast posting (kAb)

Alex its great to hear these tournies are in the planning stages look forward to seeing the end result when it comes to fruition.

as for the greek… if you think you can come up here and beat us in SC3 and T5, please come and try. more food for the pot.

sorry, noone down here in miami plays vc-a-thon sc3. ;(

kAb again.

its amazing how the uninformed spout off on things such as this. SC3 is unbalanced and broken, but VC has nothing to do with it. you should really learn more about the game before you make baseless claims like that.

I’d try to come.