Alex Jebailey's Guinness Invitational is Coming Soon to Orlando, FL

It’s true. All those 2d games will get you no more than a 16 players…shit, you’re lucky if that since you’re charging.

It’s all about the Naruto and Smash Bros. from what I have seen lately. We’re talking like 30-40 people each game…AT LEAST. So, I’d go for those if you want to rake in the masses.

Holy fucking shit, Alex is back. I might have to make this tourney just to chill with my boy Guinness.

I love when scrubs who know nothing talk like they do

Um, in high level play, VC is almost not even a factor. Stop reading the boards where clowns talk about VC like it’s so easy to do. 1 out of every 10 people has the reaction time to go it post GI. Wanna know something else princess? Really good players don’t GI. Stop playing Chronicles of the Sword and reading the first 3 topics on the forums, thanks

Oh Man Walbert how I’ve missed you guys :).

I had a talk with one of the owners and They take this very seriously, I mean he offered to take me out for drinks and talk about it in a business perspective.

But what this means anyways I’m working things out for final details

I hate to say it but there won’t be any MVC2 way things are looking, I’m convincing them to buy PS2’s so there won’tbe much mess to bring in.

The place really is TOP OF THE LINE, you won’t have an experience anywhere else like it. Which is why I’ll work it out but most likely there will be a $20 buyin for the venue, Which I’ll get them to order pizzas with that money as well as a free drink(They do serve beer so that’s a plus for guys like Rick FN Stalvey, someone find him and link him to this.) I’ll work out sponsored prizes so I’ll make this a great experience the best I can yet, and this will be the set up for bigger and better things.

Anyways My final list is looking to be

SC3 and T5

Since we have less of an attraction for cvs2 and 3s they buy ins for each will be 5 bucks and the 3d games as 10 bucks. I have to be professional on this so I won’t be adding games last minute or anything as the place is EXTREMELY WELL DONE, I can’t stress that enough so it’ll be everyone’s moneys worth just for the experience.

I have things almost up and running on my website so check back after January 30th( I’m in a convention They’ll be adding me on their news page real soon and I’m on fox news friday, and in the orlando sentinel’s calendar section.).

Looks like I’m back to bring Florida BACK TO LIFE…

Ok I used to play SC2 and kick ass with MItsu, I just recently bought SC3 cause I was sold on the create a character mode for making guys like Cloud and Sephiroth. But I haven’t gotten into anything in depth with the game yet, But just Clarify for me what exactly

VC Is? Thanks (Yep I’m finally a scrub at somegame)

Variable Cancel. It lets you cancel certain frames of moves to do shit. Like some people can cancel their back turned throws to cancel their recovery and continue their combos. Setsuka benefits from this IIRC. I play/played sisters for the brief amount of time so I didn’t get much use of it. The other major use is to cancel GI frames. If you get gi’d (and you have the FLASH’s reflexes) you can VC and be at an advantage. The motion is 88_22 G IIRC. It’s been a while and I don’t play SC seriously. Check the SC3 thread in FG discussion.

so mvc2 will not be there?

not like i care, but the rest of my crew does, if mvc2 is on there i think tally would make a good showing

glad to hear your well alex


alex, you dick, put mvc2 up there and get the turn out like you did before… peace

Can’t wait to win all this money cause I’m takein everything :tup:

Alex Fuckin Jabailey Add Halo SON!!!

Alex you seriously are taking away marvel and GG? That really sucks dude… None of us from down south will prolly go then.

no MVC2 = bonk ass weekand, sorry.

No, none of the GG crew will go. Last time quite a few of you came up and played strictly 3s. Unfortunately it seems like lately the GG crew IS Miami. No one really turns up for guilty gear in orlando anymore. Maybe you guys can help change that.

It’s because NO ONE EVER SHOWS. I gotta agree with Alex, for a first tourney he needs to present a good business case to these people to get them to invest their money. No one wants to watch Eder beat down his harem of 5 all day. If you guys can get a serious turnout maybe alex will reconsider, but right now I’m pretty sure that’s his reasoning.

As much as I’d rather have CVS2, alex maybe you should just drop it and run 3s and Marvel. They’re much faster than cvs so you could run both and not worry about going over your time. Plus, you would probably pull in more money since people have more options to play. It’d suck for us (read: ME) since I only play CVS2 but whatever pulls the biggest turnout is best. And I’m pretty sure that 3S plus Marvel >> than CVS2.

Alex, I’ll also volunteer to do whatever you need (games, systems, brackets, etc) even deposits to help this thing succeed because I want Central FL back to where it was. David’s been trying but finding a venue has held him down. Seem’s like you’ve tackled one of the hardest parts.

I want MVC2 as well. That’d definitely bring me back.

i would rather come to this toureny than fr9(i’m not rich, only go to few tourneys every year)

it seems cheaper and games would not be going on late on sunday

the only way my crew would come to this though is if mvc2 was on the schedule, i personally hate the game but if we get at least 20 peeps wanting to play it in a toureny, i say we try to put it on

Alex- If you decide to do marvel i got the 5 DC’s dog. This is bigger than both of us man and if you can do it better than i could here then do dat shit son.

Also alex if this is to show that the competitive gaming scene is big what you should really do to get numbers is SMASH, ( just to let you know i cringed as i wrote that. But in my experience in cent. fl and sfla the smash community has been more consistant and thick than any fighting game community. I have sign ups and pot splits as proof if you need it.

If my memory recalls, Eder didn’t win easy at the last tourney… he came back from losers final to take the grand finals 4-3, 4-3. With that being said, and more people from the local arcades wondering when the next tourney will be in Orlando, you’ll get a crowd like he did the last UCF tourney he through. We got Zhou and Garvin to come down for it. We can get a very good turnout IF promoted the right way. That’s just my 2 cents.

Ok First off, Be sure to check me out on CBS Channel 6 Local News at about 5:40 pm tonight in reference to Otronicon. I’ll find out my NBC and Fox TV spots friday when I shoot them and do an interview for fox.

Ok back to the games,

You know me I go with the flow and I listen to you guys…

First off Hustle, NO SMASH, I love the game, but that would deserve a day all on it’s own. I’ll do a smash naruto down the road.

I would like to ADD MVC2 only if I know for sure all you out of towners would really come out for it. It’s just that CvS2 is easier to market to non competitive players. I can’t just rely on forums online.

However If I add it I would just bite the bullet and take out CvS2 one of the only games I play.

Thing about this place you have to realize guys is it’s PROFESSIONAL, you won’t ever experience anything like it. So once systems are set up we won’t be able to mess around with wiring and stuff like that.

I posted on about T5/SC2 and got no reaction out of them yet so I may even pull those games completely.

Anyways if you guys really want MVC2 over Cvs2 you ahve to let me know.

Or would you rather have MvC2 and Cvs2 and no 3s.

I don’t want this thing to go til midnight as they rent out their tv’s at 9 bucks an hour for 2 people so I don’t want to take away business from them. But I wanna show them that they can succeed by bringing in the competitions with my help.

ALL you Mvc2 people you all do not mind the 20 dollar buy in which gets you pizza and a drink right. I just want everyone to understand that this place is top of the line and for 20 bucks just to enter you are getting your money’s worth.

I’ll make all the games individual entries 10 bucks accross the board.

LoL I was just checking my email about my terms for this tournament and instead one of the owners emails me this…

Hey Alex, I just read your email.

How did you get all those media interviews? I think it is great and exciting. Any chance you can tell the reporter about Beat the BOX, off the record during conversation?

Ill be at the VIP reception on Thursday evening. Ill look for you.

FYI- Shylo is spelled, Shylo not Shiloh.


Of course they wanna ride my coattails with all my media coverage lol.

Anyways let me know guys, Peace out and watch me all over the news

PS MvC2 is looking good if you guys keep this up, but like I said it’ll only attract all you guys.

GGXX again it’s in miami, just have a GGXX tourney down there lol.

Third Strike is a must Man.

alex, this is colin/kilikAbeast/kAb

i am interested in attending, and am trying to get the other players interested as well. there are a few things i dont agree with and i’m sure the other guys feel the same. now i know i have no say in it and in the end everything is up to what you and the owners decide. i also know that this is a business venture for beatthebox so they would like to make a little money off of it.

first off i am offended that they seem to have such an elitist attitude about their gaming center. to even call themselves a place that focuses on the hardcore gamer and wants a community is a joke. they have all this fancy equipment, plasma screens, sound domes, vibrating chairs, and what do they have it all hooked up to? XBOXs. to me this sounds much more like catering to halo 2 and madden players, the two most generic/popular titles that are played competitively these days. sounds to me like they are more interested in going with the flow and cashing in on the popularity of these games.

now as i said before i realize that this is a business and the sole purpose as such is to make a profit, but to charge 20 dollars just to enter is a bit much IMO. i dont really give a shit about pizza or a drink. in fact they might stand to make more money if they just sell those things separately and knocked down the entrance fee to 10-15 bucks.

the thing i think most people are turned off by, at least in our community is the fact that we already have a monthly tourney at a LAN center with projectors and plasma screens. there they charge 10 for the tourney and skim a bit off the pot for the house. now that to me is wanting to do it for the gamers. as i said, with food and drink there, they would stand to make even more money.

aside from that, my place is always available for tournies. we have a 50 inch big screen and 2 27 inches for tournies and a fridge to bring whatever you want to eat drink. AND ITS ALL FREE.

i dont really know what you have worked out with the owners, and i’m not trying to be cheap but i think 20 is a little steep just to get in.

this is probably a bit uncalled for and maybe a little offensive, but the question begs to be asked. do you stand to gain anything from this?

thank you for listening and possibly re-thinking some of the terms of this tourney. my email address is if you want to reach me, or just send me a PM on

With all the talk about marvel being cancelled due to lack of players, whats the deal with CVS2?

Last time i heard, calm warrior threw a tournament and cvs2 didn’t even happen due to lack of participents.

Fact of the matter is, imho the florida cvs2 scene is pretty much dead aside from carlos b (who is hella good might i add) who plays on a consistent basis.

Team eggroll prob wont go cuz only cheng is still in orlando and turnout may be low and its not worth paying money just to do what we can do for free on our own.