Alex Jones Is A Jesuit And a Fraud



Alex ‘CIA’ Jones is exposed by Craig Oxley


Alex Jones is a fraud? No way…



This is amazing, I can’t believe I’m at all surprised that gkrohwon is a conspiracy theorist. I guess I was giving him too much credit.


There is no doubt that Alex Jones is being paid to open his big lousy mouth for hours and hours. However, blaming Jesuits for everything is just stupid. All these shadow secret groups are interconnected one way or another, you cannot single out one group in particular.
There are so many desinfo agents that it’s hard to tell who’s speaking the truth 100% of the time.


you should look more into them. they’re very important.

look into eric jon phelps he has a lot of information.


You know who I hate?



why is arturo not in this thread


I already did, I started reading his book, which is available online. It’s so funny how he blames every single thing on Jesuits. To him, everybody is a Jesuit coadjutor lol Needless to say, I stopped reading it after a few chapters.

All these secret societies have the same philosophy, the same initiations, almost the same architecture. They all follow the same teachings as the Knight templars’ or even Babylon’s. It’s some very ancient occult that has been named differently through out thousands of years.
Pointing a finger at one particular group is what they want you to believe, they like misdirecting people.


there could be higher places definately, but i mean what we have to work with and study, i still think jesuits are the most readily available, studyable, most blamable group.

its kindof moot to think of super secret organizations we dont even know the name of.

ive seen a lot of people turn sour over the last 4 years. icke tsarion, texx mars, even uri and andre from outlaw journalism. her forum that she started not long ago died off, uri/kerstin has serious honesty and character problems.

btw this series is pretty interesting, i muted the music when i watched it. lol


anyway this thread was about alex jones. tired of him. gives a bad name to research and doesnt deserve any positive attention. pass it on.


Alex jones is a true patriot.


He’s a Jesuit? What difference does that make.


yeah i mean he’s a babbling moron who looks at page 15 headlines and makes shit up regardless, right?

Why Living In America Pisses Me Off

Alex Jones is a patriot.

All of his claims are able to be verified by research. He can back up all his claims with evidence which you can yourself access which is more rare than it should be nowadays…

if you want to attack disinformation agents why not go after mainstream news specifically people like Glenn Beck who fakes tears about the fall of Democracy and then denies that Fema camps are being built up and says that 9/11 truthers are evil and that “white alqueda” is going to take over and that the DHS report was right.

why not attack that asshole instead?


Alex Jones is full of shit. Everything he says is not “backed by research,” he just takes shit wildly out of context. As it is, the dog has turned on his master; Jones has whole career making up paranoid bullshit and accusing people of murder and treason, and generally fearmongering for the sake of ego and profit. The fact that other conspiracy theorists have begun to turn on him and accuse him of being “in on it” or “a disinfo agent” or “cointelpro” or whatever other retarded term, would be amusing if it weren’t so sad. They are unwilling to let go of his lies, but willing to let go of the face. In the end, they are still conspiracy theorists.

If you’re a conspiracy theorist, it’s a big deal. Jesuits, like Catholics, Jews etc have secret societies which rule the world etc etc depending on who you talk to.


Like david icke and the maker of that movie zeigiest,most of the famous truthers are typically disinfo gatekeepers. If u wanna find all the legit truthers…well chances are they are all dead or in prison.


Bull fucking shit.


theres many reasons why.

a simple reason is he has people most wouldnt know were jesuits smom([fromwiki] The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta (known as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), Order of Malta or Knights of Malta for short) go on his show, but doesnt allow other people go on his show to talk about them.

alex jones is fearmongering. but people like michael tsarion (who also went on his show but didnt go into anything in detail) talks about bullshit mayan 2012 new age fake topics.

real conspiracy theorists dont buy into this stuff, its for the people who dont know whats going on. they want people to buy into the age of aquarius which is bullshit, because like the age of pisces, is going to be rife with saturnalian symbolism. they want to create a new religion and a lot of conspiracy theorists that think they know like myself, think that somebody like prince william will become heir to the throne in the next 5-15 years and will present some new artifact that brings peace amongst religions. we go into this “new age” and think everything is good, the economic crisis has subsided along with maybe some wars. they rebuild the world which isnt destroyed but tired and apathetic from the old way of doing things/living and we go under this new idealogy…people eat it up.

under the pretext of global warming and making a nice global village, and with this new age religion, we move towards a unified world system of “cooperation”. Europe has already promoted how powerful their president is which is now i think a 2.5 term deal for tony blair. how long until the president of asia and president of the americas come along? maybe a while. we’re still using dollars but in 5 years who knows, in the unions and presidents of their respective continents wouldnt be too far off if they want to present a new currency to our side that is “more reliable”

anyway this is the NWO. its not a super crazy one minute were living in the reality we thought and the next minute guns at our face, although in the next 2-5 years there could be some martial law here and there. like a place like detroit for starters. but for the most part most wont even know its happening. the infrastructure when we start seeing president of the americas and president of asia, (or world president) is like a long time off. things take time. it wont even be in our lifetimes that were living in george orwells 1984 or brave new world, thats just what alex jones wants you to think so when the economy gets worse some people who care at all or concerned, will just act like a fool and get themselves arrested.

I wanna just point out that in Canada its perfectly fine for social studies or english teachers to talk about george bush and something like the supposed election fraud in florida.

but to probably a lot of americans thats a conspiracy and GW bush won fair and square.

its all perspective.




17 minutes in they have a few minutes on…

Fritz Springmeier

who only has a wikipedia page on…



have fun never getting out and not having a wiki page, Fritz.


I found it funny how moderators on his forum are all to quick to jump on people and call them COINTELPRO, yet think the actual COINTELPRO are so stupid they’d sign up for a forum and start spreading rumours like the average troll. They accuse COINTELPRO of trying to break apart truthing communities and pit them against eachother, instead of them all joining as one and fighting the enemy together. Yet the only people who are breaking apart communties and alienating genuine people are his moderators them selves. I would put everything I own on saying that Alex Jones works for some form of inteligence, it doesn’t make one bit of sense to me how fucking, INTELIGENCE AGENCIES (!) would try to manipulate things from the bottom of the grid and would be so stupid, your average forum troll could outsmart them…