Alex Match Up Thread

Discuss your thoughts and tactics for this match up here -

Alex’s normals seem to have farther range than Guile’s from what I’ve played so far. A well timed sobat seems to be like kryptonite for an Alex that is in your face too much.

I actually don’t think we are too hard for Alex. His Air Stampede (down charge > up+K) is pretty good against Guile since late reacted Flash Kick will lose to it unless EX’d. Alex can also use his Flash Chop to negate Sonic Booms or V-Skills at the right range, which I’ve had a few players use against me. I would have guessed that was impractical for Alex to do, but apparently it’s not because people are doing it.

Guile probably wins the matchup but it doesn’t feel like by very much right now. Feels pretty even.

It does seem surprisingly even, since Guile tends to generally do well vs grapplers.

I’m having hard time with Alex. I feel like I’m getting hit with all his buttons, and I’m unable to setup any type of zoning, not to mention his meatys fuck me up non-stop. Anyone got some advice for dealing with his buttons and his meaty throw setups?

B hp, cr mk, st lp and cr lk all suffer in this matchup because they whiff over/under Alex’s cr mp hurtbox. Because of this, I think sobats, st hk and cr mp are the go to pokes (in that order). But your goal should still be to stay out of cr mp range and throw sonic booms.
V trigger seems to be very strong in this match-up so I try and save the bars for that. Ex flash kicks are vital here and ex booms aren’t particularly useful, so I would save ex meter for ex flash kicks and supers.

Does anybody know what to do against his parry. Every time I throw out a normal or do a jump in when he has vtrigger he can either instantly parry and clothesline or power bomb and I can’t even press a button afterwards to counter attack.

Here are just some ideas:

When he has v-trigger active, try not jumping in on him at all. If you do jump in on him, try empty jumping to bait the Parry, then grab. Usually Alex players will attempt to parry incoming jump ins, and you can attempt to take advantage of this. However, be sure not to be too repetitive with this as it can be easy to pick up on.

Also, before attempting to jump in on him, try sending a LP V-skill boom at him and follow it in, serving as a shield/buffer for the jump.

Additionally, neutral jumping after an empty jump in could work too.

Again, these are just some ideas. Alex has an anti-air jab, so it’s usually tough to jump in on him anyway, parry or no parry.

Hope this helped!

I was playing a platinum alex today. Was able to go even with him which is surprising since Alex and Bison are usually the two characters I have the most trouble with. One thing I started doing was throwing out a upside down kicks after a lp sonic boom. At Mid screen the sonic boom pushes him into just the right range to avoid Alex’s OP crouching mp while hitting him with the upside down kick. I got this player like 8 times with this and I was shocked on how well it was working. If I remember I’ll record the video to show proof. Overall upside down kick seems like a good move to counter Alex’s crouching mp. A lot of guiles other normals seem to just get wrecked by Alex’s crouching mp.

Pro tip:
Naked CA loses to normal flash kick.

Heavy Hammer has a 5f startup, so probably best to use if you’re in a position to do something like this.

It also is invulnerable frame 1-6 according to the Prima guide.
I found out about this from trying to using it to chip out a guile. He flash kicked as soon as the CA flash was over and I got whacked and he didn’t get hit. I’ve been knocked out of it before (cammy dive kick) but I assumed that flash kick was basically a glorified AA special without ex. So maybe on like frame 7 (?) you can flash kick through it? It has 5 start up frames and 2 active frames, again according to the guide. Of which frame 7 is the only vulnerable one.

Guile’s FK is fully invulnerable for a number of frames - dependent on the button. Assuming
start-up: 6
active: 12
1-5: projectile invuln.
6-8: all invuln.
1-5: grounded
1-8: throw invuln.

Thus, is active and fully invulnerable for frames 6, 7, and 8.

Edit: checked the Prima guide for Alex’s CA: yes, 1-6 fully invulnerable, active on frames 5 and 6. Guile’s and will both beat Alex’s CA if started on the same frame. I’m not sure if the end of the CA freeze constitutes 1f or 0f though - need to remember to test that out.

Regardless, good tip for Guile, but probably a better tip for Alex players. Make sure your CA chip kill setup is a true blockstring into CA.

Daigo literally runs away and does nothing during his v-trigger, which pretty much says everything.

I’m starting to hate this match. I do pretty well, he activates v-trigger and then it’s just knockdown into vortex into death. You can’t flash kick his ex air moves because he can change the distance on them, then crush counter you. His v-trigger is so good that some Alex players will just activate it raw.

His weaknesses seem to be against characters that are rush down based as he doesn’t have a great wakeup. Other than this he’s strong, which is why Guile isn’t very good against him because Guile doesn’t have great damage going in on people (outside of the corner).

Next time I play this match I’m going to try 100% zoning. No going in on his wakeup. No standing anywhere near his Maybe that will work better.

Going to have to try this.