Alex on Prima Guide



When will they add Alex to the prima e-guide?


They added him the day he came out.
If you’re not seeing him, try refreshing the page or clearing your browser cache.


I wonder if there’s any plan to add a strategy section on him?


wait, the guide just shows the framedate without any other information?


They do have detailed info, sometimes paragraphs, on his moves’ uses.
They haven’t done a detailed gameplan section like they did for the other characters though.


That’s weird he’s not on mine either actually. I deleted the app and downloaded it again and he’s still not there.


I think there’s been some miscommunication, this thread is about the e-guide, the digital players guide on the Prima Games website.

Unfortunately, they haven’t updated squat on the mobile app. (At least not on iOS.)

The V Frames app does have the Alex data though. (And it’s free.)


It’s shambolic there’s no strategy guide. They have it for every character. The writing is also a step down. Not impressed at all.


Prima told me that I have the ME version guide which does not include updates.