Alex patch preview is up





For my own part I genuinely don’t understand how things like “rematch an opponent” and the games tutorial system were delayed an entire month. The results were clearly disastrous. I’m very interested to know what happened behind the scenes that forced them to launch when they did. I bet it’s quite a story.

That said I’m happy theyre coming.
In 20 years Alex never stopped dressing like Kurt Cobain on a lot of roids.


V-Trigger: Rage Shift

Alex channels his wrestling training and gains access to a brand new clothesline attack. This attack can be charged and during that time, it can parry an attack. Upon full charge, if Alex makes contact with a blocking opponent, he will break their guard, leaving them open to an immediate attack.

In other words, a focus attack minus the ability to make a move safe.


The previews are nice, yeah, and the challenge mode is a lot more in depth that I was expecting, it looks like it’s a proper tutorial system! But the real meat and potatoes are hiding down there at the bottom. They’re already patching out the throw tech option selects! This is huge! Not necessarily because that tech was super critical to playing SFV, but that they’re so dedicated to their design philosophy that they’re addressing it ASAP. Some will love this, some will cry doom ‘n’ gloom at what they’ll call a “kneejerk reaction,” but it’s clear that Capcom is making a statement that they’re very closely watching the player development of the game and stopping things that they don’t want right away.


I noticed there was no fix to the RQ problem yet.


I wonder if it’s a typo or if they’re throwing Alex out there without Challenges and Trials for his character.


Nice list of bug fixes.


Or a 2-4 fight single player story with napkin drawings which leads me to wonder if they’re going to expand that mode at all as the roster expands.


I would hope so only because of the story mode costume. They should give Alex some Ultimate Warrior type of getup.


Heya, long time lurker, first time poster. If I understand this change, you can’t use low short punch to stop throws anymore? That is interesting, throws, at least on the ground, become more powerful.


It means you can’t option select a crouching jab and throw. You can still jab someone out of a throw though (if you have the right timing to do it).


If there is LP gain/loss per match in the ranked set that’s a pretty good addition IMO. Especially because it’s optional.

It would address a few things all in one go.

Still needs actual in-game chat and messaging.


Ah. Thanks!


Why did the thread get moved to the Alex subforum when a lot of the patch is about new game modes and balance stuff. :confused:


Yeah, I was looking for my comment and it was nowhere to be found. Most of the comments here aren’t even Alex related. dafuq?


His face is ugly; he looks like Necalli-esque beast man. I hope he looks better by the time he’s released. His clothes are dumb, but he can be modded on PC and will have like 10 costumes by the time the game is “finished.”

His new super sounds awesome at least, though the pics don’t really detail what it will look like in motion. He still has Flash Chop and Powerbomb which is good. Hope he has the stomp and the terribly impractical but so satisfying Spiral DDT. The anti-air knee smash would be great too. He really has a lot of moves in 3rd Strike, so it’ll be cool to see if he makes it through to 5 with everything intact.

There’s already SO MANY grapplers and characters with command grabs in the game though. I hope he can stand out and not just be a boring, mid-tier mongo.


Don’t worry if you don’t find alex handsome enough you can always jerk off to vega.


This site has some moves listed for Alex. Only shows Flash Chop, Air Knee Smash, Power Bomb and Head Crusher (new move - looks like his old B+HP Head Butt), plus his V-Skill, V-Trigger and Critical Art. The Spiral DDT was always garbage, and I suppose I could deal with no Slash Elbow (he didn’t have it in New Generation after all), but I need my Air Stampede/stomps dammit!


Charge specials are noticeably absent. I’m so tired of this shit, for real.


If his normals are good and he can walk, then itll be fine. If he has Birdie walk and normals quality, Id be happy. Better dash though, and better powerbomb range.