Alex Sketch


here’s a sketch i did of Alex. Im pretty happy with it but i know there’s deff some stuff wrong with it. Just a fun pic i doodled up. I might go back and work into it later. And yes, Deviantart DOES suck.




alright- to fix your alex sketch- overall He looks very flat…one leg hes stepping up onto something and then the other , it kinda dissapears and you are left wondering what range his left leg is supposed to be at…no worries mate, there is a solution-

you gotta start off with some basic Life drawing and anatomy books, at the same time having a skim read over the use of perspective as well…honestly with practice you will get it in time- It takes a lot of practice with life drawing- and one never stops learning with any subject…
im a newbie here myself and this place is just filled with Awesome artists - like ZenMaster, SFMC, ROOK, Vega X etc…

.I cant speak for them , but Im sure any questions youd have theyd fire up a response for you in regards to yr drawing.:cool: