Alex Tech Thread: "POWA BOMB!"

I don’t think that showed charge partitioning. After the cross up didnt he down back, low forward, and then slash?
If he can charge partition, I need to see dash stomp to believe it.

That looks less like Charge Partitioning and closer to how auto correct Honda Headbutts worked. The game registers holding down back and keeping it there, even when crossed up. Which is interesting, but like Fate, I’m going to have to see some dash headbutt/stomp before I’m sold.

ok well it was me playing Alex. And you for sure can see a dash into Bison’s dash, EX elbow through Bison s.MP. I did nothing else except get hit and blocked for awhile, into dash EX elbow. It’s charge partition. I have no idea how it works. I tried replicating it with no success, even after checking the video with Key display on.

I saw a dash into ex elbow

That isn’t charge partitioning, you didn’t split the charge.

You charged elbow > dashed > the game had your elbow charge stored and did EX elbow.

It was possible to do this in SFIV as well, it’s just a buffer.

Well you could do that with guile and decapre
Is someone able to reproduce this with Alex?

I thought charge buffer was when you optimize your charge timing by ending a charged special in back?

And I know this could be done in SF4 with supers and ultras. Never seen “buffered” EXs or other charged specials in that whole game’s life span.

I mostly want to know if anybody has any tips on how to do it again and consistently.

You said everything

I can’t manage to replicate it, find the replay and turn inputs on.

If we can dash elbow again it makes Alex considerably stronger.

Trying to learn how to cancel standing normals into his stomp and head butt, I find it considerably harder to do these things in this game.

Just 2-0’d the 190th dude in the world, Nash player too!


Honestly the Nash match feels fine, we can EX elbow if we ever see him start a boom and cr.hp his moonsaults. He’s forced to run away and we can just chase to a corner.

the key display’s relevant inputs were basically just holding down back then forward, forward + LK+MK

Yeah I’ve been having trouble with that as well. I wanted to do Fang s.HP to up balls, but it’s so unreliable. Then I see AI Fang in Survival do it after walking forward and I just go -_-

I’ll carry on testing to see if I can replicate this. I want to be able to do this in matches consistently :c

Upload the inputs, it’ll help me figure this out a lot faster

Way harder to do it in this game than 3rd Strike, for some reason. You have to be so fast.

Just do it as if you’re double tapping, makes it consistent

I dont have problems with doing cr.lp into mini stun gun
Just half circle with the left side of the stick (tiger knee motion) and hit on right time, it doesn’t need to be super fast

Yeah in third strIke you could go neutral input it then press up and the button, used to do it this way with urien

I actually suck at doing standing normal into Stomp/Headbutt.
I don’t get why though. I still play Urien so I know my charging is on point and I used to play Decapre and would always do st.LP xx Stinger.
Sigh… Just cannot get it to work.

It’s tough but it does work

Here’s a video of the requested dash slash with inputs on like you guys wanted. Hope this helps someone work it out, I’m going to have a mess around.

From what I can see he goes db, b, db, f, f+lk+mk.

EDIT: Ok quick mess around, the interesting thing about those inputs is that if you dash and do the command its 3 forwards with the last having the two buttons. To copy it exactly hold forward then press two kicks buttons. I feel this is some kind of very strict timing and may have to do with proximity guard maybe?