Alex too few options?

Outside of punishing stupid shit you’re not going to land many Fierce Chops.

Stylin’. Profilin’. WOOOoooooooo!

Kuroda beats people who play with Chun and Yun not because of the character but because he outplays them. Keep in mind, Kuroda isn’t god or anything like that, he’s been beaten pretty soundly before.

Akuma doesn’t have to be defensive against Alex. In fact, Akuma’s main asset is that he can play soundly offensive against Alex just because of the tempo of his mixups. Akuma shouldn’t be on the defensive; if he is, then he’d better find a way to get back into an offensive tempo.

And never, ever play Hyper Bomb against Akuma. WTF. Aside from having to set it up properly (or wait for the right moment), dude, unless you have the setup guaranteed, he could just – oh, for fuck’s sake, stick to Boomerang Raid. You need the EX meter anyway, it does enough damage against Akuma.

And LP Flash Chop doesn’t cancel into anything, IIRC, so doing fierce Flash into jab Flash and then doing super…uhm, that just doesn’t work.

Anyway, I don’t think that you quite understand the Alex-Akuma matchup. Yes, you have to react, but half the time, Akuma will be offensive, and getting him to the corner isn’t exactly easy…especially if he’s got stuff to keep himself out of it like wake-up Dragon or shit like teleport.

That’s like what I wanted to say

Btw I didn’t say Akuma is playing defensively but he can just jump in attack jump out and keeping alex away until he choses to start his next attack.
Oh and yeah Kuroda got beaten many times…but well you don’t see to many videos of low tiers losing (unless in ranbats) since where is the point watching a vid when Chun Li beats Q? I ain’t using the tier list either I am talking about a matchup. That’s something totally different. Makoto has an advantage against Q. That’s a fact. Akuma has advantage vs Alex…that’s a fact. Chun Li has a huge advantage against Alex…that’s a fact. If you want to deny this…well go to the gamefaqs boards

Ok so you do got some points…but who said I can’t use a regular hyper bomb against akuma? i’ve done so plenty of times…and why should I BE ON THE DEFENSIVE just because Alex’s tempo is different? I"ll destroy you…and make you think twice about doing demon flips all over me.

Quite honestly, you don’t want to use Hyper Bomb because your opponent’s gotta be falling for stupid shit if you’re able to land it on him.

I never said that Alex should be on the defensive. Hell, if Alex can mount an offensive, then I’m all for it, since it’s necessary for Alex to get offensive to beat Akuma. Fuck, if Alex gets offensive, then the Akuma player’s not doing his part to keep the pressure up.

A good Akuma shouldn’t be afraid of Hyper Bomb, though. He should be afraid of getting stopped with hit that links into Alex’s EX moves. Quite honestly, you’re better off doing damage using Alex’s EX moves. And guess what: use an EX move, and you lose Hyper Bomb. Look for Hyper Bomb, and you’re looking for a limited opening instead of having multiple options to do just as much damage against Akuma. Oh, and a smart Akuma won’t give you the opportunity to use Hyper Bomb.

So who are the well known Akuma players you beat?

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Just because someone is not “well known” doesn’t mean that they can’t properly use Akuma to the best of his abilities.

I mean who the hell are you Lammbock? I don’t know you…so apparantly your not well known for using Akuma, hell for using anyone…is that fair for me to say?

So with that being said, do I have to show you a match and post it on youtube so you can believe me? Sorry, I don’t want to waste the time trying to explain it to you. You’ll have to figure out what to do on your own ultimately.

Yeah I am not well known for using Akuma. I beat some Akumas/Chun Lis etc with Q, Alex and stuff but I wouldn’t say any of these chars has enough options. I just say the Akuma/Chun Li player sucked (since they apparently did). Yeah a vid would be great

my name has hugo in it =D

I played against JR Rodrigues with my Alex.

I didn’t ask you. And I don’t wanna know who he played…I wanna know who he could beat.

WTF thread should’ve been over by now with the posts from page 1.

I’ve played some great Alex’s, and Akuma owns Alex for free :rofl:

If you wanna be technical, i “could” beat anyone i want… o.O

Oh and pherai, gotta love that backhand signature :slight_smile: Awesome…

In your dreams.

I could if I wanted to.
I don’t need to dream in order for that to come true.

ok then lemme rephrase I have beaten both pherai and JR Rodrigues with my Alex at some point. Not saying I beat them with Alex a lot cause I don’t use him a lot but I do beat them with my Ken a lot.

WTF thread should still have been over. Stupid debate at this point.