Alex too few options?

Go back to Ken, Lenin. :smiley:

An Alex impersonator, tell me it is a lie, tell me it is not so?:shake:

Haha, nah, Lenin played Alex before. But he switched to Ken.

Unlike us, who stuck to Alex.

but only for tournaments. I pick Alex all the time in Casuals. Everyone was just talking about stepping your game up so I played around with a lot of characters to get a feel for all of the matches and found Ken’s style to suit my straight rush that shit down needs. I liked Alex half of that but you couldn’t do match after they parried and you didn’t have the meter for a super cancel. With Ken I can do all of that bullshit, but either which way I have a sick ass Alex anyway. :rofl:

Being stuck with Alex is fine with me.
Though Ken beatdowns are much more easier to dish out…

that’s what I’m sayingi!


I remember going to Akon '07 which was last year, and there’s a pretty heavy SF3 presence…so i counted how many times I would see a shippu or blonde boy special, i counted freaking 321 times on day one o.O

I usually count stupid uppercut set ups like a block standing forward into uppercut and so on. I counted 24 at evo. Which is 24 too many.

24 too many indeed…

I like s.forward into uppercut. :sad:

Dander has just been beaten by Akuma’s so much he’s made it his goal to beat the shit out of all of them. No hard feelings man, I’ll be happy to beat any character you choose :lovin:

I’ve only been consistently beaten by JR Rodriguez… I can’t think of any other akumas…

Pherai, gimme the number to that pimp god incorporation, I need to hire a pimp to pimp slap the shit out of akuma o.O

Im trying to learn how to play with alex, but I keep getting the business by quick shoto players.

and with akuma its a barrage of fireballs that has me on defense the entire round.

Cookbook recipe for Gouki,
HyperBomb or StunGun, you decide how he dies.
EX-Air Knee smash all Gouki Demon Filp air attacks. After they lose half life they will get the point.
Don’t get scrubed out by Shin-Gouki-Satsu. If you don’t commit you can get hit. Just hold up on the joystick in the black screen and you get out everytime.

Parry all air fireballs as it gives you free meter and ready to go super or EX Air Knee Smash after the parry in case the Gouki player wants to get smart and try to throw you after you parry the fireball.

If you’re using EX attacks, why not pick the super with the most stocks?


Once again, why not pick SA2?

Fuck, I hope FFA players aren’t reading this! All my setups are useless :mad:

i think we’re better off not listening to that advice :rofl:

Promote this man!:tup:

I think dashing and patience/defense is more or less the key if you want to beat gouki with alex.

dashing under his jumpins wether it’s airfireballs or demonflips is a good solution in the first place if you want to compromise that part of his gameplay.

actually there’s a lot of things that you can do, eg. ex-chop his airfireballs when they come in low so the second hit might hit gouki.

alex’ st.HP trades with every shoryukenlike attack i think, it should eventually give space to place powerbombs.

I have to say that my mate played a very offensive gouki and spammed cr.MK a lot, therefore i could relatively often land a st.HK since alex moves back a bit and i got out of range. as weird as that kick is^^

yeah, that’s it for now. nevertheless it would be good to know if you and your opponents are equally skilled just to be sure they don’t simply kick your ass cause they throw and space better or whatever. I’m not very good at 3s though.

edit: air2air you should use mk since it beats gouki out of his horrible hurricanekick :wink: