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couldn’t agree more

That is just heart breaking for me. I don’t think there is a SFIV machine within 7 hours of me.

Here in my city arcades DIED in 2002 totally. I just set a homemade cabinet in my house with a ps2/xbox 360 and almost all of the old arcade comunity go to my house sundays noon and play the hell of each other.

I set up that in like 2004 and some have followed my example in other cities and have moderated success. Is kind of an option.

SF 4 is getting some arcade play here that , otherwise would NEVER get.

Thanks for this : ) It’s nice to read about someone, who’s lived through it all, give concise and good historical comparisons of arcade vs. console as these years have flowed by.

Doin it big on kotaku


this man speaks with the truth

Valle pretty much said what anyone old enough to remember arcades would say and I couldn’t agree more. Being next to the person you are playing against really cuts down on the shit talking as well.

QFT. Im was losing my edge due to that. Arcade cabinets FTW.

Alex speaks the truth.

I kind of figured this is common knowledge amongst the fighting game community for the most part.

I mean, if it wasn’t, we’d have online tournaments determining who the best in the world is and how accurate would that be?

Hey guys.
I just translated the post to our blog. We’re a portal of Fighting games in brazil and we help to run the Evo South america venue since last year. Im just posting this to any portuguese speaker who’d like to check my translation out or our website. There are many new users there who knew shoryuken and didnt even know that they had a fgame community within their own country. For the record, my translation is posted in

pimp choi

The man hit it right on the head. I loved going to the arcade and going against cats on SFA1 and SFA2,I was leveling up,getting tips, and just having fun making new friends and such. But alas in the DC area I can’t think of an Arcade that has SF4 or any folks that get together and level up.

Do you have another source besides Kotaku because I don’t believe you

Wait what…

Good Thing I live in New York.

I wish Tokyo Game Action hadn’t closed…fucking flood.

Truly agree’d.
My game always felt a little weak, but ever since the new Arcade in Austin open and we got the new fighters coming in, it feels like my game has really stepped up just by simply playing there.

Really sucks to hear.
One tournament I was at, talk to a home boy who was staff there, sucks to here any arcade go down. Epically with something like this (a flood? Damn)

TGA sounded epic, hell, because of TGA we won’t stop saying STREET FIYTAH FO

Anyway good article, wish it was longer though, I think the Gootecks podcast of Valle would suffice but hey, at least Kotaku said something about the scene