Alex Valle, Jimmy Nugyen, AJ on Live On Three #42 Sunday

A special Quake Live broadcast and a Street Fighter legend come to Live On Three this weekend, with hosts Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham & Rod “Slasher” Breslau broadcasting finals day coverage of the Quake Live Silent Gamers Cup. The online event is being held to help raise awareness of the league, which will help serve the needs of those in the deaf and hard of hearing community. North America’s top duelers Shane “rapha” Hendrixson, Tim “DaHanG” Fogarty, Tom “griffin” Wall, Chance Lacina are all participating, including the appearance of the legendary John “ZeRo4” Hill. All the action starts at 2 PM EST with the pre-game show starting at 1:30 PM EST with predictions and interviews. We will have player interviews over the course of the event as well as the winner at the end.

At the conclusion of the event, which we have put roughly at 6:30 PM EST, Street Fighter legend Alex Valle will be coming on to talk about a new fighting tournament series he is a part of that is launching called the SoCal Level|Up Tournament series. The debut event will is set to take place next weekend, February 27th, at Dave & Busters at The Block at Orange. There will be a 64-man tournament in Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6, featuring the west coast’s top players and an extra $1,000 to each pot. Level|Up COO Jimmy “ShinJN” Nguyen and media specialist AJ “PotatoHead” Papa will be joining the call as well to talk about the release and concept of this project, the first event next weekend, and what we might see in the future, including the release of Super Street Fighter 4 in the near future.

Other news topics we will touch on

  • Starcraft 2 Beta is out! Will discuss our thoughts so far and those of the hardcore Starcraft community
  • Major League Gaming has launched the site for their Combine event series, as well as announced the dates and locations for their first four events, which will be held in Nashville (Mar 26-28), Chicago (May 14-16), Denver (Jul 23-25) and Washington DC (Oct15-17).
  • The Electronic Sports League has announced a $170,000 prize purse for their Global Finals at CeBIT next month. It has also been noted that the ESL has removed the Intel logo from the German portion of its website, and has said that changes will be coming with the combined power of two partners. Could Intel no longer be affiliated with ESL?

Tune in at 1:30 PM EST for all the action starting with the Silent Gamers Quake Live Cup, and 6:30 PM EST for the Level|Up fighting game tournament series.

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if you have some questions for Alex, Jimmy or AJ, please leave them here and I’ll skim through it tomorrow

going live in a few hours with Quake action! :smiley:

Nice will be listening in.

I’ll check it out. I don’t follow the competitive FPS scene but I watched some stuff from QuakeCon and it was pretty cool.

most definitely will be listening in today!