Alex Vids

I’ve never seen any alex videos before and i thought it might be nice for us all if we had some excellent alex videos posted in this thread. feel free to share =p



YouTube Zangoef or KSK. Shit is beastly.

YouTube is the answer to like everything now. LOL.

Dont sleep on Kechu! Best Alex outside of Japan IMO. There are a ton of his vids on my youtube account. Here are some of them…







Wow…I only saw one vid of Kechu before (in those ranbats that were posted before). I’m quite impressed!

If I go to Australia in 2008, I’d love to play against him and see how well my Alex fares against his.

you’re KaiStar’s friend right? we will definitely be able to set something up if you come, just stay in contact =]


I know, I saw the video was 33 seconds long and I’m like shit, this one must be cut off. Nope :rofl:

eks: Definitely! As soon as I find out the details, I’ll let you know!

Oh, and in reference to that fourth video…what Jiro just trying to wake-up parry after knockdown? 'Cause that’s more headbutts than I’m used to seeing in a match.

that’s only because you don’t believe.

come to regency sometime asshole.

Actually that rather was few too many headbutts.

75% Done.

Yup , Oh sancheZ I have more stuff for you.

Tell me-

will any of it be of actual use this time? It better have some ultra-fresh Hyperbomb setup, otherwise I am going to be disappointed…


lol… gah >> You want SAI shiz? Hmm well lemme go work with it >_>

( Cant use SAI well )… Im sure I can come up with something.

Sanchez, IM me sometime and let me know what you’ve been setting up with that video.

All public relations related to Sanchez’s videos must pass a through insepection from now on. Some of the strats revealed in the video could be too intense for those weak of heart. It might be best to wait until the final release of the video to be totally amazed, and video spoilers should be prevented.

Thank You,


PS Whoever keeps sending Sanchez gameplay videos that add nothing to his cause, seizing of these actions is appreciated.

who are you people…

im lenin.

the guy who kept headbutting your Q.

Recent tournament featuring Dander and Sanchez.

SEE SANCHEZ VS PAUL LEE! The outcome may surprise you. Or not.