Alex VS akuma >___>

tips number 1 .
parrying hurricanes .

short hurricane : 1 hit .

forward hurricane : 3 hits , Knee + 2 spin kicks

roundhouse hurricane : 5 hits , Knee + 5 spin kicks

anything to be careful about ?? and punishes ? .

tips number 2 .

PLEASE DON’T JUMP ALOT . i would never going to do that often , i kept doing jump parries and empty jump throw .

Head butt the shit out of him and stun him

Watch for the demon flip mix-ups.

i learned something …


throw <<<<< hurricanes .

patience is key .

is easy … EX-knee crush . akuma cannot parry in that period .
you can crouch block on demon-flip dive .

importantly , watch out for demon flip throw .

apparently alex’s guessing game does not work effectively after knocking down akuma . is hard to bait shoryukens .

but i did fairly well when i’m down :stuck_out_tongue: … i full parry a hurricane , A-fireball … and combo the shit on akuma .

EX Air Knee Smash or MP work well in stopping any Demon Flip. And you get a bit more damage(and stun) from MP x EX AKS.

Also, like Ken, Akuma’s fireball is not safe at close ranges. If you get hit by cr. mk x hadoken–and if you have meter–by all means EX Elbow him.


also watch out for wake up KKZ .

Akuma rapes Alex.

Alex rapes Akuma.

Four big stuffers and Akuma’s more dizzy than a drunk Sailor at a half price liquor special at your local Majestic store.

It’s a lot more work for Alex man, not being able to duck or punish hurricane, air hurricane and Ashura warp are really hard to deal with for Alex.

Alex vs. Akuma is, at best for Alex players, 6-4 in Akuma’s favor. I’m inclined to say 6.5-3.5 or even 7-3. Akuma has too many tools to keep Alex out (unthrowable, better mix-ups, etc.)

The saving grace for Alex is, of course, his high damage and stun output against Akuma. Consider, though, that Akuma can teleport through nearly every setup that Alex throws at him and switch momentum easily (unless Alex reads the teleport).

I’ve fought my fair share of high-level Akuma players. Neither character really rapes the other, but the fight is generally uphill for Alex.

if they do a jump meaty fireball you can SA2 through it sometimes.

and yeah EX knee smash rapes demon flips as sanchez said.

i like vs akuma. kick the shit out of him if his stun gauge is 2/3 full.

at the right range you can f+hp and trade with his air fireball or dive kick.

he isn’t touching or air to air anytime soon.

alex jumping is still pretty good against akuma, just time and poke until you find a good spot though. make him poke back then jump, then be ready to parry his srk since he will most likely do that recovering from a poke.

overall the big bruskie here is disadvantaged. akuma’s offense is pretty damn good on him even without as much demon flip options. you wanna most likely wait til he trips then kick him while he’s on the ground, if you catch my drift :wink:

edit: oh and i like f+mp as an early anti air+poke when i have him cornered in a neutral state.

Air Hurricane > Post

you been playing online too much. alex is faster. should be too, but who does jump tatsu as an anti air on reaction? shit doesn’t fly offline

I disagree with you. I think Akuma is very likely to Air hurricane against Alex if they are accustomed to the match.

They won’t Hurricane on reaction, they just will hurricane and let you deal with it. I don’t online, but I would if I could. Are you implying that only noobs play online? Expand.

Does EX Knee Drop beat out a meaty or early dive kick?

That’s really good advice. Just to add to it, though. Watch out if Akuma has a super stocked. AA SRK xx super is practically free damage.

Akuma’s will air tatsu against many characters, including Alex, in anticipation of a jump.

If they guessed right it will basically beat any attack you attempt while jumping. If they guessed wrong Alex can get a punish for free. (although sometimes the tatsu will cross up for a knock down on taller characters)

I know I’ve been hit out of an air hurricane by jumping fierce, and it hurt.

I heard Alex’s standing strong is godlike in this match up.

Does plenty of damage/stun damage to a crouching Akuma.
Great for mix-up mind tricks…