Alex vs Chun = Impossible?

I just recently encountered this chun player that was, i admit it, real good. Anyway, i discovered that her HP is a sick poke that beats out almost anything.
So is this matchup near impossible or does Alex still have a chance against the fast Chun?



Chun li is very hard for alex.She beats you in the air and on the ground.She can out jump you and out poke you :sad:

The best thing ive noticed is to play defensive.If you try to rush you’ll eat so many S.fierces and C.shorts into sa2 that you’ll be sick.

If your good at parring go for it but if not turtle up.Find holes in her poke strings and punish her with stomps and ex shoulders.



no ex shoulders when chun got a bar full.
you mean,cr.froward…

Get Her To The Corner
Shes Dead Once Shes There
Sent Vs Cable Like Match
But The Game Is Balanced
Give It A Shot, She Will Spread Her Legs In The Corner For Alex :slight_smile:

yea i gotta try to get in or get a knock down once ur close get as much damage off of her before she gets u off of her…

Depends on the players. I managed to beat a Chun user earlier today and a few days ago using SA1 Alex.

ex sbk on chun’s wake up would surely be a problem.
but uoh or meaty fierce will do.

Alex cannot beat Chun Li. EX Legs will blow him to the other side of the screen if he tries any wakeup bs. not only that, but Chun in the corner isnt that safe for Alex… Chun ANYWHERE = death for Alex. If you disagree, i will show you the light. come to BC.

Who the hell are you? Depending on the chun you may very well have to play defensivly… Chun is Alex’s worst match but it can be done.

Alex was/is my best character, but I’ve recently switched over to Chun. I’ve played this match many times with Alex, and this is a very very hard match for Alex. It’s not impossible, but it is very hard.

Alex’s goal is to take off as much energy off Chun before she gets stock.
Alex has a few good means of doing so, with one of the better jumpins in the game, and he has his EX elbow slash, with is good to use against Chun when she doens’t have bar. Alex also has a good dash, but unfortunately it is almost completely shut down due to the fact that Chun will destroy him with pokes if he dashes. So Alex is forced to walk in, and Chun has the advantage there as well, with a poke game, much higher priority, faster pokes, longer range, and Alex’s lack of ablity to punish Chun even if he parries her pokes from 2 char lengths away.

This leads to Alex trying to jump in, or use EX Elbow. EX elbow slash is good, but Chun will charge bar faster than Alex, and also a well timed dwn MK or Bk HP will stuff EX elbow. Also, if the chun player knows that, Alex will get parried.

Jump ins. Alex has great jump ins, but Chun li has a very strong and SAFE anti-jumpin game. Alex normally will jump in with HP. This will beat out almost all of Chun’s anti-airs, BUT Chun played right, should give herself distance so that the jump HP is useless, and it usually is.

Chun herself can use:
Stand LP
Stand HK
Dwn MK
Jump straight up HK
EX Spinning bird
forward flip jump HP, HP
Air throw
Dash back
All to stop Alex’s jump ins, and the risk is higher for Alex.
Also, Chun has one of the lowest crouches in the game, so if she simply crouches correctly, and Alex presses HP a bit too early, the jump HP whiffs. Chun’s low crouch also makes Alex’s EX Flash chops and Stand HP weaker (hitbox wise, not damage wise)

So a sure jumpin (Chun has a harder time crouching) with Alex is his jump LK or LP, which in turn, is vastly overprioritized by Chun’s Bk HP as anti-air.

The odds are stacked against Alex already, and with Chun being a relatively faster and more mobile character, it makes it hard to get Alex’s pressure game on.
If the Chun player dashes back and controls ground well, Alex won’t even be able to jump in at the correct distance. Chun can fight outside of the range Alex can, and again, it is hard for Alex to get in.

On the ground, Alex can try to poke Chun with his down MP, Stand MK, twd MP, but Chun’s hard attacks with neutral/Bk HP, dwn MK, and Dwn HK are all fast enough to beat out Alex’s medium pokes.

And this is all BEFORE Chun gets stock.

When Chun gets her #2, Alex cannot use EX elbow or EX Stomp anymore, because even if Chun blocks them, the recovery is bad enough for Alex to get hit by #2
Also, for added risk to Alex, a incorrectly timed jumpin with HP, can lead to dwn MK into 2.

It is true that Alex CAN take off a lot of energy off Chun when she is downed in the corner, but it’s MUCH MUCH easier said than done. Even without stock, Chun’s EX Spinning bird is a very good wakeup.

Very hard match.
Good luck.

Vincent, that was too long of a post just to say that Alex cant win.

Alex has no tools to beat Chunli… This is a horrible matchup.

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