Alex Vs Makoto/Yang

Havent seen any good or indepth threads on these specific matchups.

You should have.

Standing forward zones the shit outta Yang.

Sounds about right to me, it’s still good to see people into this game, we cannot let 3S die so soon, we have to keep it going, it’s our generation’s ST. That line was powered by, subscribe people

All day long.:wgrin:

Makoto: Punish blocked non-EX Hayates with B&B combo or headbutt.

There is nothing on Yang at all and the Makoto thread thats a relic has 2 replies to it. So I state once again since you have trouble reading cause you live under a bridge…

There is no **good **or **indepth **threads on these specific matchups.

EDIT: Thx for the replies despite them being extremely limited in response.

You should have.

makotos karakasa beat alex’s command grab even if he starts it up first

not true.

its happened to me, but makoto has to start her grab at the same time or a frame after alex

powerbomb and karakusa have the same startup namely 7/8/9 for lp/mp/hp

karakusa will only 100% beat powerbomb if makoto uses a weaker kick than the punch alex used

Online players…online players…sigh


short=8 frames

forward=9 frames

roundhouse=10 frames


jab=7 frames

strong=8 frames

fierce= 9 frames

Tick jab on guard or hit from makoto into short karakusa will beat Alex’s jab power bomb on start up. We have a really good makoto player in N.C and I have been hit with that many times and I know better than to contest after makoto jab connects on Alex’s gaurd.

Wierd, why does it say 7/8/9 on this page: Strike

In most older mooks you have to add 1 frame to the start up.

In older mooks start-up is the amount of inactive hit frames before it becomes actively hitting or the grab becomes active.

On that web page the active grab frames are wrong for the short kick karakusa.

In my mook it looks like this:

start-up/active hit or grab frames/ recovery frames or base recovery back to netural if missed

From pg 165 in the japanese mook on my desk.:tup:




Pharaonic edit: Makoto SA I is 2 frames not 1. If you do not trust me then do this: Go into parry practice and record Chun-Li doing a crouching ferice and gaurd down-back right after for a couple of seconds. Her crouching ferice is -1 on gaurd. Do SA I as a reversal with makoto. If SA I is 1 frame it should connect as a prefect reversal, but you might be surprized what you find…

Cause your link is correct. Also Makoto’s range and recovery are ridiculously better than Alex’s PB.

EDIT: Where is your source Saysai Kusanagi (sp?) ? Linkage?

Anyway, I think capcom officially sucks by making and continuing to keep SFIII’s main char. a shitty low tier. I win 85-90% of my matches but Im just saying without extreme dedication you’ll soon realize theres nothing cheap or special about alex and he has shitty priority, SAs & matchups all across the board. sigh

This is part one of my gamest mook, my master mook has three sections in all for a total of 390 pages.

On these pages are the start-ups with the first active hit frame already added.

The back of my book has a black and white data section with more in-depth frame information.

safest option from karakusa would be to jump correct?

Backdash is the #1 option. Alex has the best backdash in the game, period.:rock: