Alex vs Oro

Never touched on this match up, but I would like to get some views on this. What have you learn and deemed important to Alex in this fight?

f+mp beats or trades with all his pokes as long as he didn’t stick his out before of yours, very nice to use and it early AA’s his jumps.

some guy tried to chicken me to chip kill and i EX knee smashed him.

on block, i don’t know the best punish for a blocked chicken, but i dash up and sweep him and it works all the time.

i find it better to stay grounded a lot more since the mofo is so fast with his dashes, and one parried jump could cost you the game.

not much else that i know of, just play your normal game but be more careful.

Don’t jump like like an idiot. Headbutt beats a lot of his ground tools.

A lot of Oro’s normals, namely standing RH and standing forward, zone out Alex. They stick out for a long time though so you can punish with EX Slash Elbow. Now sure how I feel about super choice, but whenever I’m not sure about a matchup I pick up SA2.

  • Low Roundhouse is fast enough to beat Oro’s whiffed standing roundhouse on reaction. Crouching strong works just the same but with less damage and no knockdown that would push them to the corner. However crouching strong has less startup, so you have a little bit more time to react.

  • Oro’s standing forward on the other hand is a beast. It’s even difficult to punish with EX-Slash Elbow because it recovers so fast. I’m stumped on that one. :xeye:

Good stuff. Thanks.:lovin:

Alex’s Standing short kick beats all Oro’s lows on start up at max range and will stop random dash in low forward rush. Oro’s low forward and low roundhouse have no range whatsoever so his low game is non-existant and has no low threat at far range.

Constant forward parries will clean his clock quickly and bk+ferice is free off forward parried forward kicks by Oro.

Oro’s far standing forward kick has more range than his far standing roundhouse surprisingly
so hitting mindless forward parries against Oro become easy as pie.

That is true, I checked the frames and reaction possiblity on air to air parry. It is not possible to parry any of Oro’s jumping-in attacks on reaction.

I repeat, do not jump against Oro with anything less that EX Air Knee Smash or “the gnat” aka Alex’s jumping jab.

Gaurded chicken kick is a free Roundhouse or Ex-Air Knee Smash. Your right-on with that one MagnetoManiac.:wink: Oro is in fall state and can not input parry or cancel to another command out of it.

Good stuff Saisyu, I think people will really start to respect you once they get to talk to you 1 on 1 and see what’s going on in your mind. I can say for sure that when I heard it, it was like no other Alex player would think of. Keep doing your thing, you’re putting up some good work and hopefully later on people will listen.

My favorite trick after a blocked chicken is a backdrop bomb. JUICE FUCKING DAMAGE. Kinda distance dependant but it’s there.

Your right, if he does short kick version it is very easy to hit. Nasty damage!

But I noticed something, the command for ground to air chicken has a further landing distance than the air version chicken kick on gaurd.

Air version chicken kicks are free backdrops just dash in after and it is there.

If you gaurd a ground to air chicken kick either forward or roundhouse version Alex’s low roundhouse is gauranteed, Oro will not be able to guard the low roundhouse but you will be out of backdrop range.

Roundhouse or Ex-Slash Elbow are free but the command is wierd but only if you do not understand charge partishing. You will go from back to foward and it will slash elbow in the oppsite direction. Pretty cool.

Oro’s command grab gaurded at max distance is a free crouching roundhouse for Alex and if you are sitting on EX meter Ex Slash Elbow is free as well.