Alex vs. other characters!



I always hear that Alex sucks as a character against a lot of the other characters (especially Ibuki fuck she is a bitch). Anyways, i want to know what other players do against most other characters.

My style is hop back and forth, and pace myself against all characters, and wait for the moment to throw or set up.

What does everyone else do?

Tough matches i believe is:

Yun and Yang

Shotos are tough! mostly ken!!

i think thats the tough ones for me
i didnt mention chun li for the fact … she is tough for most all characters.


well i dont think alex is too bad against most characters. He’s got power and hes not as slow as say hugo or Q. Most people i play against (hell EVERYONE i play against) use either ken, ryu, or akuma (no freakin comp. in downtown T.O!) so i usually do what you do and hop around and try and set up for bombs and his hyper. Oh and i also do a lot of empty jump ins against shotos so I have the option to parry dps. Also iam usually charging both back and down at the same time so if they whiff a move up close I can ex elbow em or if they throw a careless fireball you can ex stomp. Dont play against twins and ibuki but i say their greatest weakness is that they lose lots and lots of energy and alex can dish out some major damage so i would choose hyper bomb and revolve my game on landing this super. Oh since they like to jump alot you can also use stun gun and time it to catch them as they comin down from a jump in. And lastly abuse that standing chop of his ( forward medium punch). Ya i know scrubby info from a scruby player who plays against scubs but what r u gonna do

anywho hope that was a bit insightful


yeah, there isn’t usually any comp downtown TO. Go to Orbit or VF and you’ll find some good players.


when do the good players go to VF?
funland = no one goes there anymore and damage is too high
orbit = i’m not used to jap sticks


I find him too slow…period…some of my friends tell me to abuse the rushing elbow…but every fucking character, I mean, EVERY character can take me out of hte move by just a small jab or short, which really pisses me off.

The only characters I find Alex good against is Urien and Dudley.
For Urien, Just stomping them to make sure they reduce their spheres is a good enough threat, and dudley…I just find playing with dudley it’s hard even to beat the AI Alex. Ok, so I suck…sigh

I’d say abusing the standing MK instead of MP is better since it has better range.

Damn…Where is VF? I only play at chinatown centre and Annex…heh, downtown ppl suck I guess.

As for which SA, I like to use Boomerang Raid the most. I tend to trap the opponent right after they get up, and since they’re either turtling down, trying to grab me, or just poking, the SA II out prioritizes them all. I used to use Stun Gun a lot, but I’m usually jabbed out of it, just like the elbow rush. And also to mention, I’m even jabbed out of it which cancelling it from the elbox rush…that SA seems weaker and weaker everyday…

Of course abusing the crossover stampede isn’t too good…But I tend to do it a lot…


ya where exactly is VF(that stand for somthing?) and Orbit?


Alex vs Mak

Yesterday I played a really good Mak and got my ass whopped pretty bad. Is there any specific tactics Alex can use against Mak? And what normal/special/ex moves can stuff Mak’s karakusa (choke grab)? And lastly can Alex be karakusaed out of any of his supers the way Ken can with Shippu?


Ok… I play alex all the time… Ok sir… Against mak… the key is not to let her dash in and grab u… You MUST pay absolute attention to that or else u will end up losing a lot of life. I played against a top makoto player from Japan and his name is INO. I didnt allow him to dash in on me all the time to let him do what he wanted so… I either tried to grab him first or if i premeditated his move i would do my command throw as he dashed in… Oh btw… another thing… Alex does well against ken but has a really tough match against chun li. Any further questions just pm me or post up again… later


Hows does alex beat ken I have a really hard time with that matchup.


play ground game with ken…your standing mk can keep him distant…

against makota just keep her from catching you, so you gotta catch her first…

dhun li is just a bitch


what bout dudley…i usually play this guy who’s good at dudley and always beats me (hey i suck cuz all i got is scrubs to practice on). Alex got any particular move i can abuse?


wtf is this alex beating ken bullshit.

alex loses horribly to ken.

alex can’t ex elbow.

alex can’t far s.forward (gets beaten cold by c.strong, even at max range).

alex has horribly ambiguous crossups.

alex can’t consistently pressure/corner ken.



On the other hand, his toward+strong is a good anti-crossup move, and we know kens love to abuse that.


never said he could beat ken…just giving tactics…and yes he can beat ken…parry is always an option…but if not you can keep him away…standing mk beats ken out…not an easy match …but hey this is an alex thread…and were trying to find things out to beat him…ass


Actually, some ken players like to sweep a lot before they know you have a super available, since the shoto sweep has poor recovery but comes out really quick. Of course they mix it up by first doing a standing strong or whatever, but when you have a little bit of meter I think alex can ex elbow in response to a blocked sweep.

I don’t think you need to use the cross-ups, just guard against kens. Ken players who like to jump a lot, you can use the ex anti-air move, which does quite a lot of stun. If they’re wise to your tricks, you can always combo into it with something.

His crouching short and crouching strong have good priority, and though they don’t beat out ken’s, they can be used at longer ranges.

Alex has some very damaging jump-ins, and if your opponent is wise on parrying, go ahead and land and throw, or better yet, space it to land short and then command throw.


Alex’s j.Torward+Fierce trades with Ken’s Dragon Punch. Just something to note.



Alex sucks


actually, I was just responding to what tekni whatever was saying.

it’s not horribly unwinnable, but Alex vs Ken is still a bad matchup.

the problem is, even if you keep him out, how do you intend to do damage? I mean, spamming far s.forward won’t really do anything significant, and you gotta realize alex does most of his work in close, where you can abuse the good jump ins, close s.forward, c.strongs, c./s.shorts, and power bombs.

Also, what happens when ken decides to run away? your primary means of catching people, ex stampedes or ex elbows, aren’t safe.

These are actual questions that I have, since I really don’t have a solution for these problems. Ken’s c.strong beats every major poke Alex has, and that leads to super. ARGH.

EDIT: sorry about being a prick

why the hell would you ever use towards fierce jump in, even if it did trade with dp, what if he blocks?


it is a bad jump-in, but the toward+fierce is great for air-to air combat. If it’s parried and your opponent doesn’t have above-average reactions, alex will roll safely away. If they do throw out something, the toward+fierce has lots and lots of priority.



What is this jumping towards + fierce? Are you guys talking about the dive? Because if you are, then isn’t that (jump) down + fierce? If not, then i’m guessing Alex has some move that i’ve never seen :bluu:.

…just wondering