Alex vs. Remy

i need help on strategies to get inside remy. since he is such a defensive character i have a hard time getting close and setting up for various mixups via knockdowns. any help???

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Try not to jump at him. His crouch is pretty low.
His jump MP can beat almost all of your jump attacks.
Dwn MP is your friend, just time it well.
Timed EX Stomps are great for covering space, because it’s homing. Well timed EX Stomps can make him more wary of throwing LOVs from across the screen, but it’s not a tactic you can abuse.
His low LOV stops your Slash elbows
Don’t get greedy with stun
Your throw and kara-throw range is better than his
Crouch is high LOVs, don’t jump forward because he’ll outpoke your jumpins

Parrying LOVs all day =/= Alex winning. You need to mount a slow offense, and get close.

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hey saisyu i sent u a message bro like 4 days ago, but its all good it got some good stuff off these threads my game has certainly improved since shikis tourney, been gettin some good practice on xbl but i can only do so much since lag is a big issue, i think i rounded out top 20 for the week but who cares. im ready 4 sunday at luckys