Alex vs Ryu

I see a lot of Ryus’ poping up lately so how do you deal with this character?

All advice and input is welcome.

I’m not sure really. I know when I come across a really good Alex, I pick Ryu and most of the time I’m victorious. I’m not much of an Alex player. I’m just learning. But from experience, the really solid Alex players I’ve played have superior mix-up game. That’s the only solution I can think of.

Don’t suck. Your wins should shoot up like 4000% now.

Play defensively against Ryu
LK Stomp his throw attempts
Don’t get greedy with damage or stun
Dwn MP to punish blocked sweeps, or EX elbow slash
Don’t try to counter/punish LK Hurricanes unless he’s very predictable
Don’t dash too much, walking is better
Don’t get hit by Shinsho or Shinkuu Hado
Dwn LP (close) or EX Stomp (Far) to counter Denjin
Don’t jump too much or you’ll get HKed to the face

Quick addition-

BLOCK HURRICANE KICKS STANDING. Free c.MK x whatever or Powerbomb.

Anyway to get a free DDT out of a blocked hurricane? Like block the first two, then use the half circle to duck the last hit? That’s be pretty sweet.

Haha! That’d be sight to see!

Here’s a trick I use when I wanna style on niggas-- If you duck the hurricane kick you can choke Ryu when he passes over you.

Suplexes are possible is he finishes close to you.

I read somewhere long ago that Sleeper Hold is unsafe? I’m hoping someone can clear this up for me. If you can link SAII of it, it seems that if you just start blocking before Alex lets go of his opponent, you should be safe from any kind of reversal move (super).

Correct. Choking someone doesn’t leave Alex at a disadvantage. Getting your B+FP blocked is somewhat unsafe.

Good stuff. Thanks for the insight.

PROTIP #2-Blocked Donkey Kicks = Free Headbutt.

I hope you all enjoy my Hemingway style tips.

Is this for all Donkey kicks?
Is this distance dependent?

I always just Close MP xx LP Flash Chop/ EX flash to punish. IIRC, that worked.
Or I just simply did throw

Don’t let him throw those glowing blue or red things when he yells…

Throw is probably the least effective option post Donkey Kick block. Least amount of damage and stun and it’s also the option with the shortest range. If you’re blocking Donkey Kicks that deep might as well go for c.MK x “Whatever”.

The most consistent options are headbutt and MP x EX Slash Elbow if you have the charge. EX Chop is beefy damage and stun but I’ve seen the second hit whiff randomly at odd ranges. Just something to think about.

TOMORROW-Punishing Shoryukens!

By chance do yo know the recoveries on the different Jordan-Geris’? ie: short, forward, roundhouse, EX?

Why can’t you use non real names for the attacks? I dunno what you’re talking about, the weeaboo in me refuses to come out and learn some fucking move names.

Donkey kicks are all -10 or more on block.

My bad. If you like donkey kick then that is cool too. I read and speak Japanese so it is normal for me to identify the original move names given by the programers. It is all good man, if you want it to be donkey kick it is ok by me friend. :lovin:

You can read Moonspeak? Try reading Hemingway. It’s manlier.

We can all go on THE 3S FRAME DATE WEBSITE for numbers–I just said -10 cause those extra one and two frames ain’t gonna let you do anything different than what we already know is possible.


ken’s kara uppercut moves you 13 pixels.