Alex vs Urien Matchup

I read somewhere on the internet that Alex has the advantage in this matchup, but for some reason I’m not seeing it.

S. FK beats wake up ex or regular headbutts

i play SGH, but Im starting to think Boomerang Raid maybe more advantageous

with all that ex meter, you can ex stomp on fireballs and ex slide through random tackles

anyone have any insight on this matchup that could uhh…save me from getting raped up by Urien?

I’ve been faring quite well against Urien, though I don’t particularly know why. I definitely recommend boomerang raid for ex. Other than that, I just play my standard alex game: mix up ticks, power bombs and high/low. Urien doesn’t really have a great wake up so use meaties to keep him on his heels.

Best Wake up Attacks

s. fp
will this stuff a wake up headbutt?



close mk xx ex flash chop
i tend to get thrown if i get to close and even if i seem to time it right

c. lk or c. mk => tick power bomb

c. lk or s. lk xx headstomp

s. fk
very rarely should it be used

c. fk

c. mp

Maybe SGH would be the super…
1st round - build meter with s. mp’s and turtle, and play without using ex moves, which isnt that hard for alex, and hope to land a SGH near the end of the round
2nd round - completely try to rush down, with a different style and mixup game, in essence just to build meter for the last round
3rd round - try to hit an early sgh and if it doesnt land, go back to the style in the 1st round?

or maybe that is all whacky theory fighter? I try to do that when i play SGH against SA3 Urien

With the mk, flash chop (jab or ex) are you getting thrown because the mk is missing? I guess just work on the timing because it can be a pretty solid meaty.

Alex has great mix-ups. If they don’t quick rise, get right next to them and do a mk stomp or, rh stomp when they wake up. These both cross up. If they do quick rise, try a rh stomp, it might cross-up (untested).

Regardless, mix these in with ticks and plain powerbombs.

The s. fierce overhead is really good and can be used from outside of throw range.

Speaking of throws, use alex’s kara-throw (fwd + fierce).

The c. mp is probably alex’s best poke. It will hit urien after a blocked shoulder. After a c. mp, try a s. mk. If they tried to come after you after the mp, the mk will get them again.

Um, try to stay out of the air, especially if you’re close to urien. ex stomp will take out random fireballs and has good recovery if blocked Just be careful of air fireballs, don’t abuse it.

Ex shoulder charge rules. It will punish random air fireballs, If there are any. It’s pretty safe against urien anyway. I don’t think he can really punish you after.

I think boomerang raid is alex’s best super, hands down. I don’t actually use it, I just use the ex. The others are good, but his ex moves are really helpful and stun gun is so sketchy, it’s all luck.

P.S. If they like to parry meaties, don’t be afraid to throw a ddt. They’re fun.

i guess my timing on close s. mk is a bit off on the wake up

i gotta use more of that wake up headstomp mindgame

the spiral ddt is always a dope move to mix it up with, especially when they get parry happy after playing some mind games

thank god georgia is always there to let me know whats good in 3s

thanks yo, maybe we can together and play sometime

i wanna see how good ga 3s really is, excluding june

stun gun headbutt is a little more viable vs urien. large characters = goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood :smiley:

actually Urien is the character that can get out of stungun the easiest, his jab is just so tall(the hitbox is parallel to his shoulder) making it easy to jab alex out of.

If you’re ever passing through Ga let me know. We’re always up for some 3s.