Alex vs Yun



SERIOUSLY, stop dive kicking me, it’s pissing me off

i play sa2 alex

what’s the magic trick to beating geneiji yun with alex


aaahahaha…you’re funny.
If alex had a magic trick to beat yun, he’d have a much bigger following.


about dive ?

as yun do early dives , which use as air-to-ground poke

late parry …and forward
early parry …yun lands slower , you know what to do

as yun do late dives , which use as a jump-in chain …

quick parry … hyper-bomb <— super effective
quick parry … ex-knee smash <— execute it fast
quick parry …throw/jab-P-bomb

i’m talking trash , haven’t seriously tested by me yet …

you haven’t know yun cornering you with genei jin …
that’s worse you need more timing and quickness

but in the other hand , top-players using alex cornering yun is in predictable… and dangerous for yun , he’ll get stunned in this game of… scissors/paper/stone , but it had little opportunity to do that .


a well timed stand mp trades or stop it. use it. you might lose some life, but it kinda resets the situation(yun grounded and pretty close to alex). and you know that when alex is up close… it’s the shit.


Watch the semi’s in Kyushu Takai and you’ll see how hard Alex needs to WORK to beat Yun. Yun got Genei 3 times in a round…

Most Yun’s do 2 dive kicks in a row, so I block the 1st, press stand MP which knocks out the second. Early jump RH or backward flip jump RH is good to knock him out of the air, if you manage to jump earlier than him. Wakeup short Stomp is decent to stop most of his things. It’s an annoying match. No tricks or anything.