Alex welcome back

To be honest I did not play the 3rd strike (I had a long break from SF series) but I have seem videos specially that intro him vs Hugo (Andre the giant vs Hulk Hogan lol) anyway I am excited/curious and spectator mode to see this fellow how much he has change, I know the mechanic in the background is him, but I do believe he will come with some surprises.

Also something I noticed in SFV is we are having a lot of grapler instead of those shotos (yeaaah baby) but the waiting I am looking for is when Guile returns, yeah finally Guile and Charlie (Nash).

Well people share your though about the returning cast (Akuma I still believe in you with a new CA)

And I thought this was a thread announcing the return of @Alexisdabomb … Disappointed

Hey don’t be according to the records he should be any time from tomorrow on, so everybody is welcome to share what they expect of him :wink:

please stop making new threads