Alex... wft?



Why does this trailer trash backyard wrestler get a parry?

seriously? His fighting style is the loosest, ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, and good for him! It goes well with that dumb shirt tied around his waist. Brings back memories of some real losers in high school… The mullet is just icing on the cake…

Then he has this parry, like who taught you how to dodge? You take that punch, or you block you bruiser.

What if Alex had a parry? Or Gief? Should Mika get a parry?

I seriously think this is SO out of character, that it’s only given because of the game he is from. It’s the most ridiculous and tacky addon to a scrub character ever.


Elbows coming in 3… 2… 1…


You know I’ve seen a lot of stupid threads. This definitely ranks pretty high. Did you seriously ask why the lead character from the Street Fighter 3 series has a parry?


cause fukc you thats why you human bitch!!


idgaf about him being the lead of sf3. If every character from sf3 gets a parry, then this game is fucked.

Does it make sense for this red neck hooligan in fucking 90’s scrub wear to have a parry? NO WAY.


maybe you should give a fuck before you start a race war, you damn fool…


I should just leave this thread but fuck it, I’m bored.

Alex is a Pro Wrestler. The guy is built like a brick shit house.
You are thinking of a parry in the sense of someone like Ryu where they use their martial art ability to parry a move.
Alex uses pure brute force to say “Nah, fuck your move” while charging up for a huge attack.

If you don’t think that it’s in Alex’s character to do it then I recommend removing your head from your arse.

[Edit - Think along the lines of Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior from back in the 90’s. Get hit and they take it like a champ and then unload… Almost like he was based around the mid 90’s wrestlers or some shit.]

TL:DR You’re a retard.


There is some joke in OP’s post I havent got yet?


Someone wants attention and his mummy ain’t giving it…


Well in that sense Zangief has a “No Sale” move too. What was the TC point again?


looks like somone has been loosing games to said parry move…


I agree with OP. Only reason Alex is in this game is because of the 3s fanboys. He’s a boring uninspired goon.


Only reason this character is in the game is because the fans!! >=(


Damn fans! They ruined Street Fighter!