Alex's Arcade Ranbat 3 March 12, 2011


Sup guys. I’m back from my month break. This tourney is gonna run the same way as it always is.

8$ Entry Fee
4$ - pot
2$ - venue
2$ - Ranbat pool

Rules are standard
Winners can’t change characters, but they can change ultras

BYOS/C - I guess alot of ppl get confused. Bring your own controller/ stick.

We’ll have both xbox and ps3 running.

This stands until we get word of a second set up.


626 S Harbor Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 775-7764.


seed properly! <3


is there going to be a marvel 3 ranbat too?


Are you open to running AE if we get the 2nd setup running before then?


yes i am


see you guys this saturday


I wasn’t sure if Minh’s question was addressed or not. Is there a MvC3 side tournament/ranbat going down this Saturday? I mean, I’ll show up regardless, but I’d just like to know.